The classics continue with the Benjamin Sterling HR-83

Monday, May 11, 2015

This weeks article brings yet another treat! As one of the largest airgun stores in the world, we get a lot of local foot traffic and get to see many airguns of all varieties. As you may already have learned, Airguns of Arizona is owned and operated by mostly airgunners. Whenever particularly old or interesting airguns come along for sale or trade in, it is not uncommon for an AOA crew member to snag one up. Over time we have a combined collection that is fun to see and to share with others. From our office walls and display racks around the shop, to our showroom centerpiece, interesting models are around to see for all who enter. But what about you, our distant reader who may not get an opportunity to come by and see our store? Don’t feel too left out, we will continue to bring the collection to your monitors in creative and fun ways.

In previous blogs we showed photos and fun stories behind some classic treasures, like the Weihrauch HW35L from the AOA owner’s collection, or the vintage Crosman 600 that Jock reviewed a couple of years back!

But today is different again! Today we give you a video showcase of an interesting oldie! The Benjamin Sterling HR-83, a fixed-barrel, spring piston airgun produced in the USA with history dating back to an English design from 1982. Production (unfortunately) ceased on this model in 1994.  Our example in the AOA collection is a .20 caliber model, making it even more unique and rare.  We hope that you enjoy our video!


  1. RidgeRunner says:

    Wow! That is awesome! What happened? Why did Crosman quit making air rifles of such fine quality?

    1. Vance D. says:

      No kidding Ridge !
      What a beautiful rifle

  2. Dan D says:

    Outstanding camera work and video editing to exhibit the beauty of that rifle!

  3. Tom King says:

    What was the performance of the BS ?

  4. Larry Guinn says:

    I purchased a Haenil model 312 SUHL many years ago and recently discovered it in my warehouse in excellent condition. Can you tell me the approximate value of this rifle?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      That is a neat air rifle. Resell value is estimated at $120-180.

  5. Tom Blasing says:

    I have an HR-83 that I bought from one of my distributors around 1987-ish. Topped it with a Burris 6X PA scope and the Sterling scope mount.

    It’s still in pretty good shape but I wouldn’t mind finding out if a replacement stock is available. The one on mine isn’t as nice as what’s in the above video.

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