FX Wildcat may be small, but she’s no kitten!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Every so often a company comes along with a product that makes a huge wave in the airgun industry, and when you have been around as long as we have, you get a sense for it when you first see it!

FX Wildcat .22 with optional FX Scope

FX Wildcat .22 with optional FX Scope

A couple years back, FX Airguns was pressured into the bullpup market by the shouting mob of American customers! Prior to that, FX had no intentions of building a bullpup because they already had some extremely short and compact models like the Verminator Mk2 and the Ranchero Carbine. So FX took to their best design at the time, the Royale 400, and began to design a bullpup around this platform. What they came up with was the Bobcat, which was met with mixed opinions and over the years has been a popular model! It was and IS a great rifle, but never was a true bullpup. Even FX’s owner, Fredrik Axelsson, called the Bobcat a semi-pup from day one. The Bobcat was a quick response to a need, while FX continued to grow and develop a true Bullpup design.

In the fall of 2014, we had a small team from AOA visiting the FX factory in Sweden, and we looked over the design that would eventually become the FX Wildcat. We knew from that moment how great it would be and gave our input into the cosmetics and features needed for the US. FX went to work and by March of 2015 at IWA in Germany they had produced a final prototype that took the show by storm. The rifle had amazing features, compact and slim design, and what shocked everyone was how FX was able to produce this model at a much lower price point than everyone expected. Those in attendance left the show buzzing about the new Wildcat, and we all waited for production to prove out just how the rifle really would perform.

So today, we are going to run through the results and see if the new Wildcat lives up to all the hype that everyone has been hearing! We’ll start with the outward specifications:

The Wildcat in .22 caliber weighs in at just 6.1 pounds and measures only 29.9 inches long! The barrel is 19.7 inches, and is concealed inside a full length shroud that not only looks cool, but it reduces the noise down to a quiet “puff”. The most obvious feature to a bullpup fan is the location of the side lever cocking arm. It is right where it should be, up in the middle of the action near where your hand is already positioned when shooting. This makes for easier use when cocking and loading. The magazine is dead simple to load as well, and holds 8 pellets in a rotary wheel. The air tube is 230cc, which will allow the Wildcat to give a full count of shots expected from a proper length rifle. How many shots? Lets find out:

Wildcat .22 shot string with pellets taken straight out of the tin.

As you can see in the chart above, this amazing little bullpup is giving a full 75 shots at an average of 894 fps with a JSB Exact Heavy .22 pellet weighing 18.1 grains. And it does this with an extreme spread of less than 20 feet per second across the whole fill. That is over 32 ft/lbs on average for 75 shots! So does the Wildcat .22 perform? You can decide for yourself! We have seen popular full length rifles that cannot get half as many shots as this Wildcat, and nowhere near the consistency like this regulated airgun is showing. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the fact that the FX Wildcat is fully regulated, and that is a standard feature, not an upgrade!

Ok, so it looks great on paper…but how does it shoot…on paper? Before we look at that, we should say that the Wildcat sports the proven FX Smooth Twist barrel, so accuracy will likely match everything else in the FX range. Let’s go straight for the real test…50 yards:


5 Shots @ 50 Yards


5 Shots @ 50 Yards

As you can see from these quick groups shot at 50 yards, the FX Wildcat .22 holds up in the accuracy department as well! On the day for testing, the Arizona heat was already breaking over 100 degrees and there was a bit of a gusting breeze. So, these groups could likely improve with better conditions and a cooler head behind the scope! But even as shown here, the rifle is performing exceptionally well. When you consider that the Wildcat as a bullpup was never intended to be locked down on a bench, it is exceptional for a hunting rifle with design around being compact and discreet. These groups are more than acceptable for any hunting application, and the rifle will do its job in the field.

So, as far as bullpups are concerned, FX has a real winner of a design in this new Wildcat. It will quickly become a favorite amongst shooters. Both for its features like shot count and accuracy, and for its lower price point in the category of high quality bullpups.

Until next time,

Get out and shoot!


  1. Rich says:

    Is there a power adjuster wheel? Need one for shooting
    indoor silos at our club. Maximum FPE 14.

    1. AOA Staff says:

      Not a wheel like other FX models, but it does have a hammer adjustment under the stock. The gun could be setup for a lower power setting.

  2. Scubajeeper says:

    What size bull is that target?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      Those were 10-Meter pistol targets. The 10-ring is 0.45″ and the “X” ring is 0.20″.

  3. Rick says:

    hi, in the picture i can’t see the supresor, it comes with the wildcat or i must buy it separately

    1. AOA Staff says:

      The image in the review was a stock image. The factory actually supplied them with a single baffle over their stacking design. So the Wildcat .22 comes with one baffle total. You can add extras to get the noise down further. Each cup is about 1 inch long, and you can add as many as you want to reach a desired noise level. We feel the rifle is moderately quiet as it comes. If you want to get extremely quiet for a small back yard, you should get about 3 or 4 extra cups.

  4. Dave Cummings says:

    I need another airgun like I need a hole in the head. However………

  5. Jason Lowe says:

    What is the fill pressure for 75 shots per fill?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      We filled to 250 BAR in the test for this review.

  6. John says:

    Do you have a firm price on the .22 and .25, and a date for when customers will be able to have the wildcat in hand? Also, does AOA have a military discount? Thank you for your time.

    1. AOA Staff says:

      The pricing is on the page, http://www.airgunsofarizona.com/FXWildcat.html. We already received and shipped out the entire first order. People are already in line on the second shipment, which we expect in a few weeks. Please contact our sales team for details on ordering.

  7. George says:

    What was the end pressure?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      Sorry, we did not note the end pressure in this test. We normally run the test beyond the stopping point and then drop the final shots where we see the velocity fall off. It is easier to stop recording on the graph later rather than watch every number as it comes across the chronograph while testing.

  8. N says:

    How is the trigger pull, weight, feel, etc.?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      The trigger felt great. It was smooth and predictable and not heavy. You would not believe it to be a bullpup with a trigger linkage if you were judging by the feel of the trigger alone!

  9. Frank says:

    Was this gun right outta the box?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      Yes, straight from the box and scoped up. Testing was done within a day of receipt of the rifles from Sweden.

  10. SoCalJoe says:

    I don’t see a cheek rest, only see a rail, please confirm, thanks.

    1. AOA Staff says:

      The rifle has a cheek piece on the left side.

  11. John says:

    Do you have a shot string for the .25 wildcat? I would love to see the consistency and fps shooting the JSB King. I’m torn between the .22 and the .25. Thank you.

    1. steve says:

      I too am interested in the .25 and would like the same info.

    2. AOA Staff says:

      We have been working on the .25 test as well. The specs of the .22 and .25 were different enough to keep us from combining them in this one review. We will try to get something posted.

      1. John says:

        Much appreciated. By the way, great job on the video you guys just put up.

      2. steve says:

        thanks, I will be looking forward to hear the shot count and accuracy test of the .25

  12. Axel says:

    I bought the Wildcat in 0.25 cal, and as far as the 0.22 cal review above, that is not a kitten, it feels perfect and compact, it is extremely quiet, I had to confess that never heard or have an air rifle so quiet. It is also very light and handy, at the moment I did not scoped it(lack of time), but I think it would be my partner in the next iguana hunting. Ahh, the trigger and cocking effort is very light, of course you can adjust it. You will not be disappointed. I was waiting 3 month for the shipping and I’m very happy.

  13. Steve says:

    any results yet on the 25?

  14. jim says:

    Yes, please post some results for the .25.

  15. tim says:

    Shot string for the 25 cal?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      We added the .25 shot string to this weeks blog:

  16. Fernon Williams says:

    I brought my very first real air riffle and what I mean is
    .25cal fx wildcat is a real sweet air riffle . Much so im gone to buy a .22cal wildcat. It feels good in the hand
    it make u want to buy a hawke scope and harris bipod
    because its just that good. And disable vet it give me a enjoyment you would not believe,

  17. Fernon Williams says:

    I brought my very first real air riffle and what I mean is
    .25cal fx wildcat is a real sweet air riffle . Much so im gone to buy a .22cal wildcat. It feels good in the hand
    it make u want to buy a hawke scope and harris bipod
    because its just that good. And been a disable vet it give me a enjoyment you would not believe,

  18. Kiriakos says:

    Hello there
    I was wondering if the European version have a longer shroud or if this is the same like USA version.
    I’ve seen some images with longer one.
    Also i would like to know how many cm. is the us version.
    By the way you make a great job on video

    1. AOA Staff says:

      The US model has a stack-able moderator option. The European model uses a fixed, long tube shroud. We opted for the stacked units because there was better noise reduction in the same given length, or you can choose to keep the rifle ultra compact if noise is not a concern.

      1. Baazigar says:

        So does it mean I can get US model with extra baffle just to keep it noise down and keep it compact and short?

      2. AOA Staff says:

        The US model is the only version we import and sell into the market. We like it for its versatility and compact design.

  19. Raul says:

    Is it possible to acquire directly an fx wildcat or other fx airgun model out of the USA or Sweden? I’m a resident of the Philippines.

    1. AOA Staff says:

      FX has distributors throughout the world. Best place to start would be the FX Factory in Sweden.

    2. Rommel says:

      Raul pre… I too am from Philippines & want to get an FX Wildcat. Unfortunately it’s very difficult for individuals as air rifles are considered as firearms in our country & you’d need a firearm import license to be able to take it through customs. Best way to acquire it is to indent order through a licensed firearm dealer in Philippines. I did mine with Nashe Enterprises. Cheers.

  20. John Karmy says:

    You have a nice chart for the wilcat .22 but how many shots can deliver the Wilcat in .25.

    There are difference between European model ( it as 300cc capacity) and the shorter model ( only 230cc)?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      The .25 graph was posted later in another post here:

      The US model is shorter in .22 and longer in .25. We are not certain what other markets are taking specifically.

  21. Tim of Pomona says:

    I love mine in 0.25.. I just want to know if filling to 250bar regularly is fine with no issues?? Would add to staying out longer periods in the Field. Would sure help with more shots per charge for sure… This would be another Plus for the Wildcat.. It is already a amazing Rifle…

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