Walther expands their line of quality rifles with the Terrus Wood .22

Monday, June 22, 2015

New for 2015, Umarex is expanding the Walther lineup. When we first laid eyes on this new Walther Terrus, we were sitting at the Umarex USA booth in Las Vegas. First impression was great. The rifle looked well made, and fully featured. At first glance we thought that the rifle was just another LGV, but upon careful examination, we saw some differences. The Walther Terrus is based around the LGV and LGU family of spring guns, but geared towards a lower price point and higher sales volume. What we were amazed by, however, was the price tag on this cool little gun! Umarex USA was telling us it would retail for well under $300!

Fast forward to now, and we just received the first shipment. So we are now able to test the rifle and see if it is as cool as it looks!

Terrus Threaded Muzzle

Terrus Threaded Muzzle

First things first, we have to go over the rifle itself! Starting at the back, the Terrus has a rubber recoil pad. It is nicer than most though, and has nice grip pads and a small Walther Logo. Nice touch and attention to detail. Forward, the wood stock has very nice lines, 4 panels of diamond checkering, ambidextrous shape, and a few extra details like another Walther logo and a flat fore end lower. The safety is automatic, and located very conveniently on the rear of the action. The trigger is simple and clean. Up top, the barrel is the perfect length for cocking the rifle, and the fiber optic sights are a nice touch as well. The front and rear sights are completely removable, so scoping the Terrus is clean. Another nice touch is the threaded muzzle, capped by a nice thread protector. Overall, a clean and simple rifle.

Where the Terrus shines is when you start to use it. Start by cocking the ultra smooth spring piston by breaking the barrel with a clean snap. The rifle is very easy to cock, and engages with a solid “click” at the end of the stroke. Nice! Load up the barrel with your choice of pellet, and the barrel is returned to battery. You know the barrel is closed because it gives a solid and defined “click” again! Very nice! If that were the end of this test, one could walk away happy! The rifle is already better than most inexpensive springers in its class. But, there is more!

Walther Terrus Safety

Terrus Safety Catch

Shouldering the rifle is comfortable and well balanced. The grip position and length of pull is perfect, and the safety is exactly where you want it for quick disengagement. A flick of the thumb forward disengages the safety and the rifle remains comfortably on target. Taking up the first stage requires a solid 10 ounces of smooth effort and you are met with a firm wall. The 2nd stage breaks at 3 pounds 8 ounces, firing the rifle. With a smooth snap the rifle fires with very little noise and no felt vibration to report. Very enjoyable. Over the course of the next 50+ shots taken for testing, that feeling of pleasure never wore off!

Velocity testing showed that the rifle would deliver 725 fps with RWS Hobby pellets and 640 fps with H&N Field Target Trophy pellets. (.22 caliber) Accuracy over the test held inside ¾ inch at 20 yards, but we feel the rifle will only get better as it settles in. Most spring guns need several hundred pellets through them before they balance out, and accuracy should be reserved for a much longer test period. Judging by how smooth the rifle fires, we are confident to report that this rifle (with the correct ammo) will out-shoot its price tag!

If we had to criticize a feature, the trigger seems like it could be better. It has a definite feel of that heavy “lawyer spring” design. Oddly, despite the feel when looking specifically at the trigger, and the fact that the trigger scale reads a bit high, you really do not notice it when shooting the Walther Terrus. Maybe you are too busy loving the smooth cocking stroke, or the crisp snap without vibration, but the new Walther Terrus Wood is an excellent all around spring gun and the trigger is consistent and predictable. At the $225 price point, this gun deserves a strong recommendation!


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Get out and shoot!


  1. Bub says:

    How does this gun compare to other low powered Airguns like the hw30?

  2. Victor says:

    Staff: I’ve been wondering why you didn’t already have them on hand. Finally, LOL!

    Did you guys review it in .22?

    I agree with everything you’ve said. I’ve not measured the trigger weight on my example, but I suspect it’s in the same ball-park. The barrel requires an authoritative whack to open, but I’ve not found a springer yet that closes with a gentle ‘snick’, effortlessly.

    Bob, it’s coming in a bit heavier in weight, and certainly a couple inches longer. However, I don’t think it’s quite as heavy as the R9. I’ll be interested in their reply, but I am thinking this would be comparable more to the HW50, ableit much, MUCH easier to cock.

    1. AOA Staff says:

      Yes, .22 caliber.

  3. Vance D. says:

    I sure hope that test was with the 22 cal.

    1. Ernie says:

      shows that A of A needs to pay attention

      1. AOA Staff says:

        Indeed. We changed the title, and inadvertently the only mention of .22 caliber. All fixed now.

  4. Hatsan Killer says:

    A bit underpowered but accuracy is pediment!Love the fact that both sights come off a very nice option other company’s should take note,makes for a nice clean looking gun.Mite just have to buy one to add to the collection.

  5. David says:

    Been checking out the Terrus today at $149. holiday priced. Been searching reviews all day but this is the first mention that the fixed sights can be removed if a scope is added. Hope you’re right.

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