Meet the AoA Team — Dillon Treloar

Monday, August 31, 2015

So imagine this: you’ve just ordered a super whiz-bang airgun from Maybe you talked to one of the sales people on the phone, or you emailed an order, or maybe you ordered on-line. The point is, you’ve made your choice and laid down your money . . . have you ever wondered what happens next?

Dillon Treloar happens next, that’s what. In a very real sense, Treloar is the last line of quality control for Airguns of Arizona. He’s the guy who takes an order – regardless of its source, the phone, an email, online – and pulls it all together and checks it so that AoA’s shipping department can actually ship it to you.

Dillon sighting in an airgun.

Dillon sighting in an airgun.

He says, “If somebody orders a gun, I get it all set up for them. I pull the requisite parts from the warehouse – the gun, the scope, the mounts. I set the gun up for them and make sure it is doing the proper velocity. If the customer wants a regulator installed in a precharged gun, I pull the gun and the regulator and take them to repairs to do the installation. After the regulator is installed, I check the gun to make sure the velocity is correct.”

He adds, “Most days, I try to come in a little early to pull some orders and bring them to shipping so they can get started filling boxes as soon as they come in.”

Dillon prints off a shot target to send with the order.

Dillon prints off a shot test target to send with the order.

When I asked Treloar if he had been an airgunner as a kid, I could almost hear him grinning at the other end of the phone. “Well,” he said slowly, “Robert Buchanan (president of Airguns of Arizona) is my stepfather. He bought me my first airgun, a Daisy Red Ryder, when I was about seven.”

Treloar still enjoys airgunning. “I try to get out to the local airgun benchrest match about once a month, and I am starting to get into field target.”

The gun he uses most often is Daystate Mark IV Panther in.177, but Treloar also owns a somewhat rare gun, a Parker Hale Phoenix lever action.

I asked if Treloar had ever encountered anything unusual in his duties at AoA. He replied, “Occasionally, a wealthy new customer will order three or four high end guns all at once or order multiple guns of the same model for his friends. That has happened several times since I have been here.”

When he isn’t at work, Treloar plays lead guitar in a band and enjoys country music and classic rock and roll.

He says, “I am just super blessed to have this job. I love every minute of it, and we’re all like family here.”

Til next time, aim true and shoot straight.

– Jock Elliott

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