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Monday, August 3, 2015

If you to want to get a job, conventional wisdom these days is that you post your resume in the right places on-line, scour the on-line job posting sites, apply for jobs, do interviews, and go through the process.

Or . . . you can do it the way Brad Lamoureaux did.

Brad at AOALamoureaux’s main responsibility is for sales, so if you call Airguns of Arizona or visit the showroom, you stand a pretty good chance of talking to him.  However, like everyone else at AoA, he fills in wherever he is needed, testing guns and so forth. (I find the corporate structure of AoA fascinating; it reminds me of what I know of a Green Beret team: everyone has a specialty, but everyone also has enough competence to fill in at another person’s specialty if needed. So, for example, if the medic gets hurt, there is at least one other person who can fill in. AoA is like that.)

So, now, let’s set the scene for how Lamoureaux found employment at AoA. Lamoureaux is the Scout Master of a troop of 50+ Boy Scouts. Robert Buchanan, president of AoA, is the troop’s chaplain.

“I had just finished my master’s degree literally the night before,” Lamoureaux says, “when Robert came up to me and asked ‘How’s your job going?’”

Lamoureaux explained that he had just finished his master’s degree and that he was thinking of applying for something perhaps in hospital administration. To which Buchanan said, “Yeah, but how’s your job going?” Then he said that he wanted Lamoureaux to come work for him.

“But I don’t know anything about airguns,” Lamoureaux protested. You’ll learn, Buchanan said, adding “If you don’t know something, ask. Besides, if you have the temperament to handle 50 boys, you can talk to people on the phone.”

Lamoureaux says, “When you spend all day testing airguns and talking about airguns, you learn very quickly. I shoot a lot at work, and my favorite gun is the Daystate Wolverine Hi-Lite in .22. I still don’t consider myself an airgun enthusiast, but I really enjoy shooting with my son in the backyard. He has a Webley springer in .20 caliber.”Brad from AOA

One of the things he enjoys most is that every day he gets an interesting phone call. “I have one customer who raves about how accurate his FX Independence is. He hung up washers from strings at 80 yards, and pretty soon hitting the washers got to be kind of boring, so he started shooting the strings and dropping the washers by cutting the strings with a pellet. “That’s pretty much the epitome of accuracy,” Lamoureaux says.

On several occasions, he has had members of the military or SWAT teams tell him that they use airguns to take out street lights without giving away their position with a muzzle flash.

“One of my favorite things,” he says, “is to educate people about airguns, tell them Kip’s hunting stories, update them about what’s new, and get them excited about the sport. Then there are guys who make special trips here like it is their Graceland, that’s always fun.”

He adds, “My satisfaction comes from making people happy, finding out exactly what their needs are, and then finding the exact airgun that will fulfill those needs.”

Til next time, aim true and shoot straight,

– Jock Elliott


  1. Tom says:

    The customer who raved to Brad about his FX Independence would be me. Consistently shooting off the string holding up small washers or small 3/8″-drive sockets at 80+ yards has become routine. Yesterday my FX surpassed 22,000 rounds shot through it since May of 2014. Thank you AoA for a great rifle!

  2. Warren Fipp says:

    Future customer.
    Great website and info videos

  3. Dave Williams says:

    From Pittsburgh,Pa. First call to AOA last week. Reached Brad. Was a little unsure what to ask because of my new interest in buying a PCP. Brad made me feel comfortable and understood my elementary questions, I’m looking forward to more involvement with AOA in the future, and possibly a visit to the store, my daughter lives nearby in the same town.

  4. John Mobley says:

    just ordered a maurader, air tank and all of the good stuff you have to have . would really like a t shirt, have a lot of smoked salmon. trade?

    Brad was greate

    1. Airguns of Arizona says:

      Thanks for the business. Give Brad a call and he will let you know what we have in apparel.

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