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Monday, August 1, 2016

Today’s article comes from a new writer to this BLOG, but a known person in the airgun community.  We are proud to have on board, Steven Scialli from the Airgun Exploration & Advancement Channel on YouTube.


Without further delay we give you Steve’s first entry:

I can remember a time not long ago when it seemed like not much shot well without a tune up and word on the street was that airguns were for kids. A lots changed in 15 years. Before the arrival of the internet sensationalizing the long range airgun kill, most of us were perfectly content to spend our winters plunking away in our basements or across the backyard come summer. To dispatch the occasional feeder-burglar without the neighbors finding out was to declare airgun victory… and afterwords, the rifle would go right back into the hallway closet. After all, with the rimfire touting hundreds of 50 yard rabbit dinners and firmly rooted at the front of the safe, it never even occurred to most of us to try with the old windgun… that just wasn’t the culture here in the States back then. So what happened?

We’re evolving. With costs of powder burning ammunition on the rise and background checks & special permissions becoming evermore obstructive, some of us began to look for a better way and although we didn’t know it then, collectively we were seeking the same light. Luckily for us, industry entrepreneurs were counting on it and were already well along in the development of economical, powerful, good handling, good looking, quiet, and insanely accurate airguns. With our methodology & second amendment rights never in question until recently, many of us hadn’t looked up but for those that did, are today enjoying a world of performance & value without the headache.

Still looked upon by the masses as a stocking stuffer, these machines of excellence have migrated firmly into; “can kill your ass at 100 yards” territory and most Americans still have no idea. For those of you that don’t live stateside, we are of a gun culture but unlike our friends across the oceans, the word gun is always synonymous with gun powder. Powder burners are everywhere here, transcending age & gender, and apart from the lobbyists & current administration, are a part of Americana held in high regard. I own them myself and being a police officer by trade, I was sourced of it’s allure. But I sense a change in the wind… a shift in acceptance if you will, and we’re right on top of it. America has begun to furrow a brow at real guns and it’s become fashionable for White House administrations to do as they please without the support of Congress. My advise is that if you like your shooting lifestyle, you may want to get involved or at the very least, take a harder look at air power.

I get it all the time on my YouTube channel… “$1,800 for that? Why not just buy a real gun?” I make it a point never to answer.. not out of laziness or arrogance, but because the answer was in the video they just watched and they didn’t even realize. Pneumatic newcomers take note: airguns are more fun to own… it’s really that simple. Our popgun crowd all seem to be cut from the same cloth. We like our toys sophisticated, reliable, handsome, hi-performing, and above all… we like them damn civilized. Tall order, right? Nope. Enter the modern airgun.

Invest $100 to $500 and you’re taking home a more primitive degree of civility, granted, but virtues common to the price point are power, accuracy, reliability, good looks, and darn good triggers. Raise your sights to over $1,000 and you’ve entered a realm of lavish air-power pampering that’s hard to put into words until you’ve tried it. For those of you previously propelling via chemical reaction and whom have already been assimilated into the gang, you know what I’m talking about. These guns generate 20-40 foot pounds of energy with ease, and are more than accurate enough to take head shots on 10 pound critters out past 100 yards. They’re well made and while of course you can get one with issues now & then, by and large they’ll last long enough to pass down through generations. The glory isn’t in the performance though… not really. It’s in the shooting experience. These guns are generally recoil-less, are often fitted with silencers from the factory, fit ya like hand in glove, transmit super slick firing cycles, and can even be had with enough chutzpah to take down wild game like bear & elk. The fact that competition barrels & triggers are also the norm is only triumphed by the piece of lumber or polymer that gun calls home. Sure there are some pieces of support equipment that you’ll need to make it all go boom but that’s all part of the fun… fun we’ll save for another day.

Although modern airgunning is in it’s infancy in America, over the past decade it’s gained great momentum in variety and sophistication. Perhaps shooting enthusiasts are being pushed there, perhaps they’re bored with powder and just want a change, but one thing’s for certain… EVERYONE that picks one up and shoots it for the very first time says the exact same thing, “that’s an airgun?”

So go grab a friend and show em’ a better way.

YouTuber & Columnist,

Steve Scialli



  1. FunGun says:

    Hey Steve glad to see you here at AOA. Have enjoyed your videos and your reviews! Well done and always a joy to watch. Keep up the great work!

    1. Steve Scialli says:

      Thanks brother. It was good to be invited and I’m glad your enjoying the channel. Best, Steve

  2. Richard Boland says:

    BA Airgunner:

    I enjoy your thorough reviews,you answer all the questions by thinking about your viewers with excellent testing and research.

    1. Hi Richard. Thank you. It means a lot to have you guys as a trusting audience… want to be sure and get it right. Steve

  3. David w says:

    $1800. For that??? If I had a dollar for every time my friends have said that, I would buy a new Airgun. Seriously though, so glad you are here. Your Chanel is great and can’t wait to see what you have to say here. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Thanks for the nice welcome David. It was good to have been invited. Yeah, we must reeducate the uneducated, lol. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who gets that.

  4. RidgeRunner says:

    Yea Steve!

    This was a great intro for you to this blog. Thanks for joining this team.

    I recently discovered your YouTube channel and have thoroughly enjoyed your reviews. I look forward to your further reviews on your channel and more contributions here.

    1. Steven Scialli says:

      Many thanks RidgeRunner. It’s good to be here writing with AOA and I’m grateful you’re enjoying the channel as well. Thanks for your support and the channel too! Steve

  5. grizz1874 says:

    Wonderful points, and I get the same thing all the time from my powderburning buddies. I just finished a 185fpe, .257 caliber airforce build…..$2000 dollars later and a ton of my time….why? because i can!!!and i now have an airgun that can take woodchucks and coyotes out to 250yds using simple mildot holdover, and it still carries over 40fpe of energy at 500yds. Got to love these big kid toys!!!!

    1. Steven Scialli says:

      It’s good to hear I’m not the only one. We’ve all got work to do, lol! Thanks for the note. Steve

  6. Tom King says:

    I hope you are a regular on this blog from now on. At one time I owned 52 firearms of various types. Now, about 5.
    For airguns I’m at the lower end of the power curve. After seeing some of the videos and articles from the UK. I’ve found that the 8-12fpe guns serve me well. My current favorite is a Diana 34 pro compact synthetic stock. It has a Vortek 12fpe kit and TO6 trigger.

    1. I’m here to stay Tom so long as AOA will have me. I’m very curious about the 12 fpe models and there’s one on pre-order now for me to review on the channel. Thanks for the hello and stay tuned!! Steve

  7. Ben Spencer says:

    Steve great to see the addition of AEAC on AOA.
    enjoyed the article and waiting for you to come shoot at dairy Oct. 6-9th are you READY!!!!!!!!

  8. Rony says:

    Its my humble opinion that airguns have taken off because USA has become more urban. It’s ok to have a 22lr but don’t try shooting it just anywhere,it has a one mile range. Airguns on the other hand are less dangerous as for long range miss, and the pellets are soft and once they hit a branch will tend to loose a lot of power. My fondness for airguns,specially springers ,comes from the challenge they present to shoot effectively. I bought a Diana 350 TO6 .177 from AofA that can take a ten pound critter at 50 yards , but it takes practice. That’s where the fun begins.

  9. Paul Ferrell says:

    Great colum and if you guys havent checked out this mans you tube channel he has become THE airgun reviewer all others should learn from. His videos are fun,well done in content and he does more pellet testing than anybody on each gun. He is my favorite of all the airgun channels by far. He puts in the work ,time, and quality of production. The sport owes him for bringing former powder burners as they say like me into it. I hope he continues for many years,

    1. Paul,

      I can’t thank you enough for sharing these words. Happy Holidays and thank you.


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