Swedish Royalty – The FX Crown air rifle

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

As reports continue to come across from the 2017 IWA show in Nurnberg, Germany, we keep hearing buzz about the FX Crown. So let’s piece together the information in a collective article and share what we know as well.

FX Crown Laminate

FX Crown Laminate with Optional Scope

The new FX Crown air rifle uses a 480cc Carbon Fiber air bottle for its reservoir and refills via a quick disconnect port.  This interchangeable bottle supplies air to the pressure regulator, which is externally adjustable and features a pressure gauge which shows bottle pressure and another which shows the regulated pressure.  This feature alone is useful for dialing up or down your power, but the FX Crown does not stop there!

FX Crown Air Gauges

Crown Air Gauge for Cylinder and Regulator Pressures

The rifle also features a multi-step hammer stroke adjuster, externally adjusted with ball-detent steps.  This allows the shooter to dial in the efficiency and consistency of the shot cycle.  To top it off, the FX Crown also has a Power restriction wheel, which allow the shooter to quickly increase or decrease the power of the rifle while in the field.  This feature is perfect for pest control, where your backdrop can go instantly from a 100 yard open field to a 20 yard enclosed barn, and the power can be limited to ensure safe dispatch of the pests.  It also works well for the back yard shooter, who wants to keep the full power settings, but needs more shots at low power for the afternoon in the back garden.  Needless to say, the FX Crown is fully adjustable, all externally, and it does not stop there!

FX Crown Walnut Adjusters

Hammer Stroke Adjuster and Power Wheel

The Crown comes with a beautifully shaped, Italian made stock available in Walnut or Laminate, each with an adjustable butt pad.  As an upgrade, an adjustable cheek piece is available as well.

Crown Adjustable Stock

Optional Adjustable Cheekpiece

The target trigger is adjustable with an extremely smooth and predicable pull.  The Crown also features a manual safety which is easily switched on/off near the trigger.

FX Crown Safety

Safety Switch on side of stock near trigger.

The FX Crown uses FX’s High Capacity magazine, but inserts at an angle which reduces the height for lower profile scope mounting.  It is also compatible with the standard magazines for those who want ultra low scope mounting.
The FX Crown’s barrel is shrouded in a full length moderator, which can be extended for even more sound moderation, taking the rifle from quiet to extremely quiet!  The advantage of this feature, apart from noise, is that the length can be instantly reduced to put the rifle back into a standard gun case.  And, while we talk about the barrel, we need to call out the biggest feature found on the new FX Crown…the Smooth Twist X barrel!

FX Crown Barrel Shroud

Nearly Silent Barrel Shroud

Building upon the proven Smooth Twist technology, FX Airguns has pushed the design further with the new X barrel system.  The barrels start with a highly polished tube, clear and free of any cuts or grooves.  Using a patented procedure, FX presses the entire length of the OUTSIDE tube with “grooves” that translate through the metal to impart twist on pellets when fired.  This Smooth Twist spins the pellet much like rifling, but it does not cut the lead or leave markings on the pellets.  This makes the pellet more stable in flight and more resistant to air turbulence.  Furthermore, FX has developed this design to allow for a variety of “Twist” rates and the barrel on the FX Crown allows these inner liners to be changed out easily.

FX Smooth Twist X

So, if your new FX Crown arrives, and after tuning the valve, regulator, and hammer you find it shoots exceptionally well with JSB Exact Heavy pellets you are happy.  But, like many other airgunners, if you insist on shooting the heavier H&N Baracuda pellets despite the rifle loving the JSB’s, you can simply experiment with other barrel sleeves that impart different twist rates, and in no time, you have a rifle that suddenly loves the heavier Baracuda pellets!  Never before has a shooter been able to tell the rifle which pellet to shoot best!

FX Crown with Fredrik Axelsson

Photo courtesy of The Airgun Gear Show

But wait there’s more!!!  While you are swapping out your twist rate barrel sleeves, why not jump into a different caliber altogether?  Maybe its time you take your .22 and install a .30 barrel for some high power hunting.  With the Crown design, this is possible!  You simply swap out the sleeve in the Smooth Twist X barrel to .30 caliber, easily change out the bolt probe in the breech, switch out the magazine and you are all set to dial in the power and consistency for the .30 pellet of choice.  Oh, and if you want to further perfect the accuracy, grab a couple alternative twist rates in .30 caliber while you are experimenting!

FX Smooth Twist X

And this Smooth Twist X barrel system is what truly sets the new FX Crown apart in such a unique way!

Now, we know everyone wants to hear more about the length, weight, power, shot count, accuracy, etc.  But that will require some hands-on testing, which we are prepared to do once the rifle arrives here.  That leads us to the big question, which is WHEN??  FX tells us they will deliver the first guns to the USA mid-April 2017.  So, hang in there and we promise to deliver all the information as it becomes available.  Meanwhile, feel free to order yours now to hold your place in line.  We anticipate the Crown to stay on pre-order status for quite a long time, much like its ever popular cousin the FX Impact!

FX Crown Options

Until next time,

Get out and shoot!


  1. Frederick King says:

    Very nice. This is what I want. I will pre-order one now.

  2. Chuck Peffley says:

    This was an excellent read and answered all my questions. Thank you AOA for bringing the FX airguns here to us in the USA in the first place, and for being so helpful when it comes to parts and solving problems. I believe you guys must have given Fredric a lot of ideas on what your customers want, and boy has he delivered! I am one of your biggest fans! Now just have to get you to deliver one of his Crowns to me! Truly his Crowning achievement!

  3. Ranchonodinero says:

    Will there be options on the color of laminate?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      FX showed the rifle in 3 colors of laminate. We are still waiting to hear what color option besides pepper gray will make it into production, if any.

  4. Rich G. says:

    What is the waite in LBS?
    The barrel is how long?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      All specs are coming soon. So far everything is based on the brief encounter at the IWA Show in Germany. Full specification including weight and barrel length will be available soon.

  5. Oscar says:

    Any idea the price for a .22 walnut stock with cheek riser,match triger and best barrel for the jsb 15.89 grain or 18.13 with two mags the little ones ?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      The price in walnut is expected to be $1669.99. Add-on costs for the adjustable cheek and trigger options have not been shared. Barrel sleeves within the same caliber should be $99 and you will be able to choose the best for the pellet you choose. Magazines are always available as spares, and the Crown accepts the same mags already in the series. More absolute pricing and details will follow once the product starts hitting the shelves!

  6. Enrique Duperre says:

    What would be the price?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      Prices are still pending final landed cost, as we have not yet received the first shipment to confirm everything. However, it is looking like $1669.99 in Walnut and $1899.99 in Laminate.

  7. jorge says:

    being new to the airgun seen ive never seen a more amazing airgun and just as amazing options too. its like your do it all air rifle . great review another awesome fx.

  8. Bruce says:

    This is going to be a wicked rifle…Hopefully, we’ll be able to get them in Canada. If you have an outlet up this way please let me know.

  9. doc says:

    can we use the new smooth twist X barrels in my fx impact ?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      Nothing has been reported from the factory to say yes, but we haven’t been told no either! We will have to wait and see how the new technology is released in terms of older models. We are pretty confident that a solution to use Smooth Twist X barrels on the Impact will come along.

  10. Erfan-Georgia(Country) says:

    does the barrel fully rifled in FX Crown or it is the same the other smooth twists barrels?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      The barrel is a full length Smooth Twist.

  11. Darren says:

    Any word yet on when the Crown will begin shipping?
    Thank you.

    1. AOA Staff says:

      The factory is saying they will ship soon.

  12. Ekhmuama says:

    Mid April, 2017 has passed. Still waiting on the updates.

    11th May, 2017.

    1. AOA Staff says:

      We do not have exact dates, but the factory is telling us they are nearly ready to ship the first orders.

  13. ryan says:

    It’s almost mid May do you have any update on the when?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      Hang in there. 🙂 The factory wants them to be right before shipping, and they say they are coming very soon.

  14. frederick King says:

    When will these be available ?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      We are still unsure of exact dates, but the FX factory is telling us they will be shipping out very soon.

  15. Jimmy Collins says:

    I want a crown . Let me know when they are available please.

    1. AOA Staff says:

      They are expected soon. If you want to get one sooner rather than later, give us a call to get an order in place. We are accepting pre-orders and many are in line already.

  16. Bret Bjarnson says:

    I am not the biggest bull pup fan but I was truly tempted by the impact. I had to endure watching my father Inlaw play with his impact for several months while contemplating a Boss ( as I am much more a long gun kinda guy). One sleepless, night around 3am, I tuned into You Tube to check out some Airgun news and saw the gun show in Germany. I only watched a few minutes before seeing the FX booth and the introduction of the FX CROWN ( caps intentional) and thought I must be dreaming. There it was, the perfect blend of the Boss and Impact. I knew I had to have one ( so much for sleeping).
    I have one in .30 cal on pre-order and am again waiting (and not sleeping). Signed Sleepless in San Diego.

  17. Randy says:

    So now its early July is the answer on arrival still soon? I preordered awhile ago and wish there was a monthly update sent out to us who have preordered on the status. So any more answers???

    1. AOA Staff says:

      The factory had some delays in release, but they say they are extremely close now. We are happy to know that FX is taking time to make sure the Crown is right before releasing.

      1. Randy says:

        So i noticed that airgundepot has the crown being list for arrival on Aug first of 2017, do you think this was a made up estimate? I only ask cause when i pre ordered from AOA i was blunt and asked “why i should pre order through AOA instead of another company”. AOA’s response was: because “we are the importers for FX Airguns and we get them first, so inturn youll get yours first”. This is my first transaction with AOA so im wondering whats up. Im normally a airgundepot customer, and if they get Crowns in first im not going to lie, ill be a little sour and hesitant to work with AOA again.

      2. Airguns of Arizona says:

        It was an estimate based on our estimate to them. The timing was nearly spot on though as they came in and we were able to ship out to them fairly quickly.

  18. John squillace says:

    Do you accept a deposit for the crown or does it need to be paid in full ?

    1. Airguns of Arizona says:

      A refundable deposit will hold your position in the queue.

  19. michael feimer says:

    Long past Mid April —- any word on the arrival of the Crown???????

    1. Airguns of Arizona says:

      The first batch finally arrived and all went out to the earliest orders first. More will come when the factory re-opens from summer holiday.

  20. Randy says:

    So i noticed that airgundepot has the crown being list for arrival on Aug first of 2017, do you think this was a made up estimate? I only ask cause when i pre ordered from AOA i was blunt and asked “why i should pre order through AOA instead of another company”. AOA’s response was: because “we are the importers for FX Airguns and we get them first, so inturn youll get yours first”. This is my first transaction with AOA so im wondering whats up. Im normally a airgundepot customer, and if they get Crowns in first im not going to lie, ill be a little sour and hesitant to work with AOA again.

  21. Zach says:

    Will this gun be quieter than the fx Impact assuming both in .30 cal? My friend has an Impact and its very well built.
    Quietness is the only reason i’d buy one over my 22 mag.

    1. Airguns of Arizona says:

      We have not performed any scientific testing, but the Crown is very very quiet.

  22. michael feimer says:

    When is FX going to deliver the Crown to the US?????

    1. Airguns of Arizona says:

      The first shipment arrived and all went out to the earliest orders. When FX returns from summer holiday, we expect more to begin shipping soon.

  23. Rick (RPM Investments) says:

    I ordered mine on 04-20-17 and I received a call from AOA on 07-25-17 saying it was in and being check out for shipment. I was told that I would most likely have it by 08-05-17. We’ll see that is about one and a half days away. This is my first order with AOA as well Randy just relax they have a good rep. and so far they have done what they said they would do with me. Just so it’s clear I ordered the walnut not the lam.

    1. Airguns of Arizona says:

      You can reach out to our sales@airgunsofarizona.com guys for an update with your personal information. Thank you for trusting us with your order.

    2. Randy says:

      Thanks for the stock info, they did call and offer the laminate to me

      1. Randy says:


  24. michael feimer says:

    Are they having problems with the Crown? How can the miss the delivery date by this much?

  25. Hank says:

    I understand that I can exchange the barrel of the rifle to a different cal. But there is no information on the price of the barrels and where to get them from?

    1. AOA Staff says:

      They are not yet available. All barrels in the first batch went into the Crown rifles. The sleeves will become available as production ramps up.

  26. Bill says:

    The FX factory will return from holiday/vacation on August 15th, so shipments should start back up then.

    1. AOA Staff says:

      Production will start back then, with shipments following in due time! The good news is that the workers should be rested and ready to get some airguns out!

  27. Martin Gregory says:

    When can I get one in 25 fac in the uk.

    1. AOA Staff says:

      That would be a good question for the UK distributor. Reach out to ASI LTD at info@a-s-i.co.uk

  28. Frederick King says:

    Any idea when you’ll have more of these ?

  29. Joe Caputo says:

    I already have the Royale Boss a Black pepper laminate .30 caliber and have ordered the Crown Black pepper laminated .30. I hope that the .22 barrel assemblies will become available for the Crown. PCP has become one expensive adventure for me and I have also purchased the Omega Super Charger and a small and larger carbon fiber tanks. Hawke sidewinder scopesand all the Eaglevision gear is on hand.

  30. Fred says:

    I received my call the other day, and should be receiving my crown this week. I was told spare magazines would be available around January. Any idea when different caliber barrels and different liners may be available ?

    Thank you,

    1. AOA Staff says:

      The factory is telling us that they will start supplying those the first quarter of 2018.

      1. Fred says:

        Thank you. I’ll take extra magazines, and .22 and .30 barrels as soon as you have them. What about the 600 mm “sniper barrels ? This is an absolutely fantastic rifle. Extremely accurate, and an absolute work of art. Flyers are rare. One hole groups the norm. Thank you.

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