Happy New Year from our Newest Author… Mr. Tom Adams!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

What an exciting time to be an air gunner! I have watched, throughout the past 10 years or so, an explosion of products and popularity. We are seeing companies do amazing things. Accuracy has gone up, and they are bringing us new and exciting concepts that they have not been able to do effectively in the past. I’m not necessarily talking about any one specific thing here or one specific brand.

Regulators are performing better, triggers are getting better, and we are seeing adjustable triggers on more models. The consumers are demanding a higher standard of quality, the manufacturers are listening, and we are getting it! They’re bringing us products that are doing the job that we, as shooters, want them to do. We are also asking these companies to provide products that are going to perform at a higher level than days past and maintain a low price tag. Affordable accuracy. Affordable hunting rifle. Affordable joy of shooting!

Air rifles are not under the microscope like firearms are. They are generally not held in the same regard either. It’s difficult for the uneducated general public to look at a pellet gun and see anything but a Red Ryder bb gun. Therefore, how can it be accurate? How can it have the power to take game animals? Each year, around Christmas time, there’s a reminder of how ineffective air guns are when “The Christmas Story” comes on… “Don’t shoot your eye out kid!” The modern day air rifle enthusiast knows that even an entry level air rifle is capable of incredible accuracy and power compared to that iconic lever action rifle.

What’s the next step in air gunning? I couldn’t tell you. It’s spreading out in so many areas. Affordability and accuracy is one area that is being advanced. And, its benefiting the people that may have a lower budget. The “professional” airguns are being pushed forward too. You know, the “big rigs”, the “dream guns”, the ones you see at competitions. They are getting more accurate, more user friendly, more adjustability, more fine tuning, more end user customization. The creativity coming from manufacturers is pretty neat too. They are coming out with different power sources, creating rifles that can do different things, different styles and looks to the rifles, adding features that were previously unexplored. They’re going out on a limb and are constantly trying out new concepts. Then, there’s the big bores! This is another forefront of the industry. These are the rifles that are defeating the perception that air rifles are not powerful enough, or accurate enough, to take large game responsibly. There’s a lot of similarities between big bores and black powder rifles, which are more widely accepted as “true hunting weapons”. But, the big bore guys are breaking new ground every year and showing that they are perfectly capable of keeping up with those traditional black powder guns. And, I think this is an exciting area of air gunning to watch grow from year to year.

It’s truly an exciting time to be in the air gunning world and have so many choices that are out now and coming out in the future that really have these amazing capabilities. The past few years, especially, have been full of new and exciting designs coming out to the consumer that shooters are having a lot of fun with and enjoying. It seems to only be getting better and better and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2018!

I hope you all have a safe and happy 2018.

Happy New Year!

Tom Adams


  1. Joe Rhea says:

    What an excellent choice as a writer and ambassador of the sport we all love. Great first blog Tom , and I hope to see more from you .
    Hats off to AoA for choosing such a class act !

  2. Tom from AR says:

    Welcome to the blog. I look forward to new articles.

    I do not have a problem with the public thinking we are just playing with Red Ryders. 220+ years ago we got rid of English rule. We do not need their gun restrictions now.

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