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Monday, September 16, 2019

Because airguns fall into a subjective area of the law when it comes to detachable suppressors, we airgunners can currently take advantage of the availability of quality items in the marketplace without jumping through bureaucratic hoops.  Keep in mind this information is just that, informational only, and never to be construed as legal advice related to the ownership and use of suppressors designed solely for use with airguns.

Airguns are not firearms, obviously, and it is this distinction that creates the “gray area” being capitalized on by airgun manufacturers and accessory makers.  Some manufacturers are fine with permanently attached suppressors on their air rifles because their legal teams interpret the law as allowing it.  However, they will not even consider models with removeable suppressors for the American market.  Others interpret it to mean that airgun suppressors do not fall under the National Firearms Act whether or not they are permanently attached.  To attempt to stay within the current understanding of the law, airgun suppressors are clearly marked “For Airgun Use Only”, have different threads than what is standard on a firearm (1/2 inch by 20 TPI vs 1/2 inch by 28 TPI; there can be variations), and usually have internal components that are not able to withstand even one discharge of a firearm round.

Two of the newer suppressor offerings from AofA.

AofA stocks multiple suppressor brands and this article highlights two of the newest offerings; the 0dB (zero decibel) and the Ramus Technologies Trident.  The 0dB sports an aggressive name as no suppressor can really bring a gunshot down to zero decibels except maybe in the vacuum of space or a Hollywood movie.  Made in Great Britain by Daystate using Italian components, the 0dB is available in two lengths and five colors.  The Cerakote tan runs an additional cost and all have a matte finish to avoid glare. The short can is 110 millimeters long (4.3 inches) and the long can is 160 millimeters (6.3 inches).  They are sleek with a diamond groove pattern around the circumference and angled open channels allowing mesh to show through for an aesthetically pleasing look.  The internal design lowers turbulence and the exit orifice design helps eliminate “clipping” of the pellet skirt as it leaves the can.  Calibers available for this suppressor are denoted by asterisks on the muzzle end with one asterisk representing .177 and .22 caliber combined, two represents .25, and three represents .30. MSRPs on the 0dB in black run $119.99 for the 110C and $189.99 for the 160S model.  The Cerakote version runs $139.99 and $209.99 respectively.  The website does not list the availability of other colors at this time.

The Ramus Technologies Trident with Flip Compensator is an American made suppressor that is exclusively available from AofA.  It utilizes a 3D printed proprietary monocore internal component which is user replaceable in case of damage or a different caliber option is desired.   Extremely light thanks to the outer can being of aircraft grade alloy, the unit is pleasing to the eye with six flats and multiple small ports drilled around the circumference that add to its effectiveness.  The black finish is a bit shiny, but even and well done.  The compensator, as its name implies, is designed to improve accuracy and control by reducing muzzle flip.  Available in calibers from .177 up to .30, there is an option for 20mm metric threads as well.  The MSRP is $249.99.

The Ramus Technologies Trident with Flip Compensator model opened to show the monocore insert.

Either model would be an excellent addition to rifles in your collection that are not quite backyard friendly.  Even models already having shrouded barrels will benefit as long as the muzzle is threaded and the additional length isn’t a problem for you.  These are quality items that are very effective without adding a bunch of weight to the end of your barrel and won’t change the point of impact when installed.  Our friends are currently running a sale on all of the suppressors they stock and could answer any questions you may have. 

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