SIG AIR Super Target Pistol

Monday, November 18, 2019

SIGAIR continues to bring items to the marketplace not expected from this relatively new player to the airgun space. One such item is their new Super Target ASP Precision Line .177 air pistol, an all metal match-grade single-shot pneumatic that is designed to be highly accurate. Made in Italy for SIG AIR, the Super Target will make an excellent entry-level air pistol for 10-meter competitions and is solidly built so that it is equally at home in the backyard plinking away at cans or other targets. It’s a large pistol sporting a 7.5-inch rifled barrel and classically styled black walnut grips, with an overall length of 11 inches and weighing in at 48 ounces. The overall look will seem familiar to SIG fans as it resembles the well-known P210 firearm. A fully adjustable two-stage trigger offers multiple options to customize the pull weight and length. Out of the box the trigger broke at the featherweight of 2pounds 5.3 ounces. Rated muzzle velocity is up to 330fps. Being an adult Match Precision Airgun as defined by the U.S. ASTM standards (F589) it is exempt from the 3-pound minimum trigger pull and drop test requirements.

To ready for firing, the exposed hammer-style catch is pulled back and the top of the receiver pulled up an over until it is fully extended. A quality pellet such as the SIG branded Match Ballistic Alloy Flat Head is inserted directly into the breech. The manual suggests best results will be with flathead pellets under 8 grains. With only about 7/8ths inch space between the breech face and the back end of the receiver, a ham-fist like me has to have patience when getting that .177 pellet started. Younger shooters or those with small fingers will definitely have an advantage when loading. Once the pellet is placed, the top of the receiver is brought back to its original position being mindful of pinch points. Similar to other fine air pistols designed for indoor precision shooting, the Super Target has no safeties of any kind. So, keep those fingers out of the trigger guard until you are up to the shooting line and ready to fire! I realize this is standard advice for anything that is capable of launching a projectile; it cannot be stressed enough.

The Super Target comes in a premium hard-plastic pistol case with an egg crate foam lining. Along with the gun is a hex wrench used for making the trigger adjustments, an extra O-ring breech seal and the Operator’s Manual. The manual is printed in English, French, Spanish and German and contains excellent color images depicting loading, firing and sight adjustment. When storing the Super Target for any length of time it is recommended that the receiver top be left slightly open to protect the seals. The provided pistol case allows ample room for this method. The pistol comes with a 5-year warranty and in my experience, SIG’s support has been outstanding. The list price comes in at $359.99 and AofA has them on their website at $349.  As always, they can also assist with any accessories you may need so if you’d like to get into 10-meter shooting and on the path to the Olympics, or just have a high-quality plinker that you can shoot off your back porch, reach out to AofA. Next post will contain feedback on how it performed.

SIG AIR’s entry into the 10 meter game.

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