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Located in upstate New York, I never met a projectile launcher I didn’t like. Besides fooling around with airguns, bows, and blowguns, I pick banjo and guitar. I share my life with my wife, son, and a variety of furry creatures.

I have put together a small book (20 pages) that combines my Christian faith with my passion for sky photography. It’s entitled “The Heavens Declare the Glory of God,” and it is a free download. The good folks at Airguns of Arizona who sponsor my weekly blog have graciously agreed to host it. Just click on Download to open or save the file.


  1. jack borden says:

    Hi Jock–

    Your book of sky photos and quotes from
    the scripture is 10 on a 10 scale !

    I’ll fwd it to several folks who I’m certain
    will appreciate it as much (if not more) than
    do I.

    I suggest you send your book to Gavin
    Prettor-Pinney founder and maestro
    of cloudappreciationsociety.org–a UK
    site with some 45k “members”.

    Use my name.

    Gavin’s site is aimed at those who already
    are sky-lovers. FSS’ efforts are devoted to
    “creating” sky-lovers by first winning their
    awareness of the wonders above which
    unfailingly leads to appreciation.

    Cleveland TV meteorologist Andre Bernier
    has a site—weatherjazz.com. Two recent
    “episodes” are devoted to FSS. Bernier
    is a very spiritual guy.

    In the earlier part of the first episode we
    talk about spiritual aspects of the sky.
    One of my favorite quotes is from Rom 1–
    “Since the Creation He has manifested his
    Invisible Self in those things which are visible
    hence they are without excuse who say they
    do not know Him.”

    Another site of interest–
    features an e-book titled “The Soul of All
    Scenery”–title is from the writings of the Hudson Valley School artist who gave us “The Oxbow”.

    More Later

  2. Ed Barnat says:

    Nice pictures. Great story. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Andy says:

    Dear Jock,

    Thank you for sharing what I think must be an intensely personal artistic statement. Those aren’t just photographs! Nor are those random scripture passages. You’ve shown me something about beauty and faith, and about living in a way connecting both. It’s a lovely and even profound little book.
    Best regards,

  4. Dan Hazeldine says:

    great pics – the snow looks so good.
    the sky and clouds fit perfect with the scriptures.
    Loved the sunsets

  5. Jim Allen says:

    Well Done…….Thank you

  6. michele brumsey, salvation army says:

    Jock, I, too, am human!
    This is a beautiful piece, like you. I’m lucky to have crossed your path.

    Best, MB

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