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We all crave power in our airguns, even though we also enjoy shooting quietly in our neighborhoods. There have been many attempts at bringing these worlds together, but none have worked perfectly in both areas. That is, until now. Enter the Air Wolf, Daystate’s latest advance in the electronic CDT firing system. By controlling the firing cycle electronically, Daystate has managed to not only increase efficiency by cutting off the valve-dwell duration, but they have tweaked the electronics to allow for consistent shot strings at power levels ranging between 12.5 and 40 ft/lbs! Via the 16-step electronic power adjuster, the user can adjust the power on the Air Wolf in about 1 minute’s time. You will need two tools, which Daystate conveniently included with each rifle; the safety catch and the trigger. The following is a brief summary of how to perform the power change with the rifle in hand:

Step 1: Power off the safety catch.
Step 2: Pull and hold the trigger, and power the safety catch on. (The rifle will beep once)
Step 3: Continue to hold the trigger back as the rifle completes several series of beeps, 2 beeps, 3 beeps, and so forth.
Step 4: After the rifle completes a series of 6 beeps, let go of the trigger. The rifle is now in power adjuster mode.
Step 5: For every pull of the trigger at this point, the rifle drops down one power setting. If you power the safety catch off without pulling the trigger, the rifle will set at full power.
Step 6: After you pull the trigger to the desired setting turn the rifle off.

That’s all. The rifle is now reprogrammed to the desired level, and will remain until you reset it. And, knowing that someone, somewhere would get mixed up and do something they did not mean to do, Daystate left a default sequence to reset everything back to the high power default. To default the rifle, simply power the safety catch off, pull the trigger back, and plug in the power charger (connected to the wall outlet). When you let the trigger go, the rifle makes a series of beeps and the default settings are restored. The user can rest assured that nothing can go wrong when adjusting the features.

Now, for the test, a .22 Air Wolf was used. The 16 steps gave the following results using the Beeman Kodiak 21.1 grain pellets:



Pulls of the Trigger = Power Output (ft/lbs)
0 = 38.47
1 = 38.21
2 = 37.96
3 = 37.70
4 = 37.37
5 = 37.12
6 = 36.29
7 = 34.98
8 = 33.70
9 = 31.20
10 = 28.88
11 = 26.08
12 = 23.23
13 = 20.11
14 = 16.42
15 = 12.57


Notice how the first-half of the settings are close together. Daystate did this so that the user can tune the rifle to the pellet of choice without losing much power. So, if your JSB Exact’s are a tad bit too light to perform down range, simply drop the power a bit and you are set. Then, if you decide to bring the Air Wolf indoors or into a backyard with nosey neighbors, you can dial the rifle down to the lowest setting and it becomes a silent plinker. And here is where Daystate’s CDT system shines above other power adjusters on the market. When powered down, the Air Wolf is not choking the air traveling through the valve; instead the rifle is actually firing as if tuned to the reduced power setting. This translates to better consistency from shot to shot, and better efficiency at the lower settings. When you dial it down to 12.5 ft/lbs, it shoots like a UK specification rifle through and through.

The fully functioning barrel shroud works great at maximum power, and gets better with every step down. At minimum power the rifle is mute. Add these features to the long list of features like pressure gauge, quick fill connector, zero-effort cocking, phenomenal trigger out of the box, and a whole host of electronic features and you have the most complete factory airgun on the market. When it comes to versatility, Daystate has the market cornered. Meanwhile, other brands will have to be customized one feature at a time to get close, and even then they fall short.



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