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Daystate Delta Wolf Air Rifle

The new Daystate Delta Wolf was mysteriously “trailed” at the 2020 SHOT Show, as we shared in a previous post. Now we can finally share some details about this exciting new air rifle. And – hey – that photograph above looks just like Jared from AoA shooting a pre-production Delta Wolf…

Before we go any further, there’s a word of caution. This is so exciting that if you want to be one of the first to own a Delta Wolf, you will probably want to phone AoA on 480-461-1113 and pre-order right now!

The Delta Wolf will be available from Airguns of Arizona in late Spring/early Summer. Prices are TBD.

Daystate says that the new Delta Wolf heralds the birth of a new family of electronic PCP airguns for the forthcoming decade. Nothing like Delta Wolf has been attempted in either the airgun – or firearm – worlds before, the company tells us.

Daystate Delta Wolf Air Rifle

It’s claimed to be an ongoing extension of the company’s position as the maker of the world’s most advanced airguns.

The Delta Wolf is the first Daystate to adopt the popular tactical, “black gun” form factor. It represents two years of development and investments, with a number of newly-filed patents. That – says Daystate – will make the Delta Wolf a very hard act to follow, let alone beat!

There’s a huge range of features, so hold tight…

Delta Wolf Full Feature List:

New Advanced Velocity Technology (AVT) electronic management system.

Available in all popular calibers, .177, .22, are available with a 16.9-inch barrel. Alternatively a 23.6-inch barrel is available for .177, .22, .25 and .30 calibers.

Barrels and/or calibers can be switched by the shooter without special tools.

Electronically pre-programmed for quick power and caliber changes.

With its unique built-in chronograph, the Delta Wolf corrects velocity while also allowing the shooter to dial in their preferred Muzzle Velocity. This is the Chronograph unit below.

Daystate Delta Wolf Air Rifle

Adjustable 22mm picatinny scope rail and cheek-piece for different scope type/eye relief.

Picatinny under and side rails for a range of accessories.

AR style switchable pistol grip, familiar AR style safety.

A newly developed magazine system with a larger capacity from 8 – 13 shots (according to caliber).

Daystate Delta Wolf Air Rifle

Magazines can be paired in the breech – to double shot count to 16-26 shots.

User-tuneable for different velocity and power levels with different ammunition types.

A.R.T-developed barrels are compatible with the latest generation of airgun ‘slug’ ammunition.

A Bluetooth module allows the airgun to connect in the future to other accessories and apps.

Daystate Delta Wolf Air Rifle

Superior ergonomics with fast-switching side lever action – conversion from left to right in around a minute.

Large, 30mm diameter, carbon fibre shroud the DeltaWolf is a rifle to be seen but not heard and optional 0db silencer for backyard-friendly report.

Removable bottle – carry extra lightweight carbon fibre bottles with you while also being able to fill through a connector on the rifle.

New fast flow valve system.

Exclusive factory-fit Huma Air Regulator.

Huge – biggest in class (34cc) – plenum chamber for more power.

Daystate Delta Wolf Air Rifle

Onboard high capacity Li-Po battery with charging port on rifle (charges via USB-C connector).

Weight (approx.) 6.84 Lbs for 23.6-inch barrel model.

Overall length 34-inches for the long-barreled model.

Electronic match trigger and multi adjustable blade positions.

Despite being the most technologically advanced airgun of all time, Daystate says that the Delta Wolf has been designed and built to be simpler to use, easier to tune and faster to service.

I can’t wait to try one! How about you???

Coming Soon At AoA - The New Daystate Delta Wolf

That fuzzy photograph above is all we’re allowed to see of the forthcoming Daystate Delta Wolf!

Yes it’s SHOT Show time, but Daystate is teasing us with a major forthcoming product announcement. The Delta Wolf is going to be announced at the IWA Outdoor Classics show in Germany in March 2020.

Daystate says that the Delta Wolf represents over two years of design, planning and testing. It will introduce the company to the “Tactical” segment of the airgun market and is – Daystate assures us – destined to become the standard against which all others will be judged.

The Delta Wolf has been designed from the ground up to be the genesis of a new evolution for the PCP air rifle, says Daystate. The company also released a summary of some key features as follows:

  • Multi-caliber capabilities (.177, .22 cal., .25 cal and .30 caliber). Pre-set factory tunes for each caliber makes changing calibers easier than ever.
  • Customer tuning customization included without the need for a separate tool.
  • Huma regulated with computer interface and control for maximum power and shot count.
  • Newly-designed high capacity magazine system.
  • Daystate A.R.T. barrels. Two lengths available plus dedicated slug barrels. AoA experts have been involved in the development of this, as we’ve covered in this blog previously
  • Higher power output than previous Daystate models.
  • AR-15 compatible components.
  • Patent protected technology.

That’s all we know about the Daystate Delta Wolf right now. There’s obviously a lot more news to come at the full launch in Germany in March.

But one thing’s for certain. The team at AoA will have all of the information for you as soon as it’s available. They’ll have the product too asap. My advice is to start saying! The Daystate Delta Wolf is most unlikely to be cheap – but it’s certainly going to be an outstanding air rifle.

As soon as it arrives, you’ll find it here!

ART stands for Accuracy Research Team. It’s a Daystate team guided by strict approval and testing protocols. Its role is to improve, wherever possible, the accuracy and performance of Daystate’s products and to do it with passion!

Designing a complete new airgun barrel is a task not often attempted. It’s tough, laborious and time-consuming, involving multiple engineers, developers and testers – not to mention costly. For it’s not just engineering involved here: there’s a real art in shooting barrels under development and interpreting the results.

So to read this “inside story” on how a complete new airgun barrel designed is created and tested is a rare treat. Especially when that barrel is the product of one of airgun’s leading manufacturers – Daystate.

The first ART project had a goal that was simple yet tough. Develop the best airgun barrel on earth for accuracy at long ranges!

Below. The first Daystate model to feature the ART barrel is planned to be the new Red Wolf Safari. This was launched at the 2019 IWA Outdoor Classics exhibition in Germany. Robert Buchanan of AoA shows us the new gun at this show.

Below. The first Daystate model to feature the ART barrel is planned to be the new Red Wolf Safari.

ART Barrel Project Kickoff

It all started at the 2018 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. This was the venue for a meeting including Daystate, and it’s US distributor Airguns of Arizona.

The discussion centered around longer and heavier pellets. These are being developed to take full advantage of the ever-increasing power of PCP air rifles marketed in the USA. With this increasing power comes demand for increased accuracy at ever longer ranges. It was felt that this effect was especially marked with larger calibers at higher muzzle energies.

The outcome of the meeting was agreement to develop a new long range, high power barrel for Daystate. This would be not only a multi-disciplinary team, but an international one as well, with participants in England, Italy and the USA. It would also require a significant investment in both time and tooling costs.

The project would be especially tough given the benchmark against which the new ART barrel would be measured. This was to be Daystate’s existing polygonal design, a barrel already known for its long range accuracy capabilities. 

ART In .177 And .22 Calibers

Based on the initial meeting, a run of barrels was produced with multiple different internal profiles: choke, length, bore diameter etc. Each profile was identified by a letter. To ensure objectivity in the testing stage, one profile was actually the current polygonal barrel, but the testers didn’t know which one!

This testing concluded that the performance of Daystate’s current, 17-inch match-grade .177 and .22 caliber barrels could not be improved for shooting lead pellets at power levels up to 45 Ft/Lbs. The excellent results achieved by high-power models in competitions such as the 2018 Extreme Benchrest and the US FT Championships (among others) reinforced that view.

However, the ART project did identify one opportunity. It seemed that improved performance in high power .25 caliber was possible. The team focused on this with a vengeance!

Below. It’s not easy to photograph the bore of a barrel. But this is what the ART Polygonal barrel looks like…

Daystate Brings ART To Producing A Great, New Airgun Barrel

ART in .25 Caliber

Both English and US testing teams now concentrated on testing .25 caliber barrels for long range accuracy and pellet tolerance.

This .25 caliber testing was undertaken with Daystate Red Wolf HP and Wolverine R HP air rifles, set to standard factory power levels. Each barrel was rigorously tested with the rifles fired from bags on a solid bench and also with an Atlas bi-pod attached.

The guns were shot indoors and outside at 50 and 100 yards. A wide range of popular pellets were tested. Everything was documented. Hundreds of hours were spent testing on multiple days and different weather conditions in this trans-Atlantic search for the most accurate and the least pellet sensitive .25 caliber barrel.

It was easy to eliminate half of the barrels. The tough work was sorting out the remainder as one day a barrel would shoot better than the next. A cleaning regiment was followed to ensure that science would dictate the results.

Below. Here’s a close-up view of the new Red Wolf Safari.

Daystate Brings ART To Producing A Great, New Airgun Barrel

Once the shooting tests had been completed, the results were compared. The results were identical on both sides of the Atlantic. Two of the barrel profiles showed the best performance.

But that was far from the end of the project!

ART Stage Two

All of the results were shared and discussed thoroughly. Then stage two began! Another run of 23-inch long, .25 caliber barrels was produced, using the two favored profiles with variations in choke.

Now the testing started all over again, but with ranges stretching out past 200 Yards. Interestingly, the best results did not come from indoor testing, but from shooting outdoors in light winds.

At 100 Yards, it was easy to stack pellet on pellet with the best barrels. Pellets were touching at 190 Yards range. This was exciting stuff for the test teams!

Below. The UK test team also had a little fun, such as hitting exploding targets at 100 Yards!

Daystate Brings ART To Producing A Great, New Airgun Barrel

Again, both US and English test results matched. The result was clear. The new Daystate ART .25 caliber barrel profile had been found.

This ART barrel is now a Daystate proprietary recipe and is being incorporated into future production plans. ART barrels can be retro-fitted into existing guns to provide current owners with the ultimate in accuracy, if required.

Of course, you will be able to buy ART barrel-fitted air rifles from Airguns of Arizona. I suggest you give them a phone call to find out the latest update on deliveries…

For ART, This Is Just The Beginning

Now the ART team is applying its passion and expertise to .303 caliber barrels. Look for the forthcoming .303 caliber Daystate Red Wolf Safari to be released with an ART barrel. There will be more airgun ART from Daystate in future!

Every year in March, the European version of the Shot Show takes place in Nürnberg Germany. IWA, as it is referred to, is where manufactures from all over the world gather to showcase their goods and release the new products that have been painstakingly developed in the previous years and are now ready for public admiration. Factory managers, design engineers, and marketing gurus come together with anxious excitement in hopes that their customers will be equally excited and fill the order books.  The 2015 IWA show brings exciting news to those finding there way to the stands of Daystate, FX Airguns, Weihrauch, and Brocock. These fine factories have each done their work to provide the airgun enthusiast new reasons to add to their collection.

Daystate LTD

The firm that has pioneered the modern day PCP airgun and is credited by most in producing some of the finest airguns made in the world today.  The centerpiece of their new lineup will include the all new Pulsar Bullpup. This all new air rifle has years of research and design experience behind its creation. Specialists from many technologies have been brought together to build this elegant and advanced shooting machine. The Pulsar represents the next generation of quality and engineering for Daystate. Those that are fortunate to own one of these masterpieces will cherish it for years. The Pulsar sports features found on no other airgun such as a built in laser, an all electronic firing system with regulator, three tuned power levels, and a stock crafted by Italian masters that screams quality and elegance with interchangeable components to design the look of your choice.  The four current popular calibers .177 .22 .25 and .30 will be available. The new Pulsar represents a new benchmark in quality and design that will be hard to match.

FX Airguns

FX Wildcat Bullpup

This innovative airgun company has been very busy. The FX factory has moved and expanded into a new larger high tech facility with the most modern equipment and resources for design, manufacture, and assembly to provide the highest quality airgun products possible. The FX design team has worked literally day and night to bring to market the most exciting models ever to come out of the factory. First, the all new Wildcat Bullpup is a high power, light weight, short, and quiet tack driver that sports a FX made synthetic stock. Additionally, the new Impact air rifle ,although a Bullpup by definition, handles more like a AR15 live fire rifle with features such as external adjustable regulator, power adjuster, hammer, and valve adjustments with a quick change system for the caliber of your choice in minutes. The rifle will be available in .177, .22,  .25 and .30 calibers with maximum power of 90 ft/lbs on the big .30. Light in weight, short in length, and with the option of any production AR15 style grip, this new accurate wonder gun will definitely make an “Impact” on the customer’s choice. These two new models represent some of the highest levels of airgun design from one of the worlds best.

Brocock LTD

Brocock Contour XL G6

With the acquisition of Brocock by Diana holdings come fresh energy and investment from this British firm is famous for its production of small light weight rifles and high power field pistols. This year Brocock is proud to announce the new G6 Contour air rifle. This little gem sports an all new Italian made ambidextrous stock with a olive green soft touch all weather coating. The G6 includes top quality build with features normally found only on more expensive units. The list starts with the fitment of a highly accurate Lothar-Walther barrel, a six shot magazine system, and a Huggett moderator that turns the report into barely a whisper. The G6 along with its stable mate Elite models are a first choice for the shooter that desires a light compact quality target and pest control rifle.

Weihrauch Sport

Weihrauch HW100 Carbine Laminate

This German airgun company is world famous for its consistency, quality, and design. For more than 100 years, HW products have been proudly passed down from grandfather to father to son.  With years of experience in old and new world designs, the craftsmen at HW have few peers. HW is pleased to add new stock designs and innovative features to their rock solid line up. HW will continue to perfect the fine HW100 PCP model for the 2015 season.

FZ200 Daystate target 001

To ready the Daystate Mk4 iS Target for shooting, remove the cap at the end of the air reservoir and fill the reservoir to 230 BAR with a SCUBA tank or high-pressure pump. Next, load the rifle.

Because this is a target rifle, I didn’t mess with the 10-shot rotary magazine, since my preference would be to load single shots if I were shooting field target with this rifle. Initially I tried loading the Daystate Mk4 iS Target without the benefit of the single-shot tray, but I found this to be enormously fussy and difficult. Fortunately, single shot tray is included with the Daystate Mk4 iS Target. It drops readily into place, is held there by magnets, and makes loading single shots absolutely straightforward. You rotate the bolt up and pull full back, place a pellet headfirst on the tray, and slide the bolt back to its original position.

FZ200 Daystate target 006

It’s at this point that I encountered some of the weirdness that is associated with an electronically controlled rifle. The bolt, it turns out, doesn’t cock anything, so it operates super smoothly and very easily. The electronics do all the cocking of the action within the receiver. As a result, it is possible to trigger shot after shot, without moving the bolt, simply by pulling the trigger if the safety is set on FIRE. Now obviously, if you are not moving the bolt and loading any pellets, you will not be sending pellets downrange with those repeated trigger pulls, but you will be sending compressed air down the barrel, compressed air that could cause damage if in too close proximity to another object. (A fellow on one of the forums, using a different precharged pneumatic rifle, put his finger over the muzzle and pulled the trigger to see if there was any air left in the reservoir. The resulting pellet-less discharged wreaked havoc with his finger, and his next stop was the emergency room.)

When the electronics are turned off, the trigger has a small amount of play and feels as inert as if it were attached to a brick wall. Turn the electronics on, though, and it becomes a thing of wonder. There is a very light, but solid and unmistakable , first stage (which I found impossible to measure with the electronic trigger gauge), and at 7.3 ounces, the very crisp second stage trips, and the shot goes off


On high power, the Daystate Mk4 iS Target launches 10.34 grain JSB .177 pellets at 917 fps average for 19.4 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. On Power 2, it sends the same pellets downrange at 797 fps average for 14.7 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. Accuracy was excellent, as you can see from the target below shot at 32 yards, and the report, thanks to the very efficient valve and control system (which will deliver more than 100 shots per fill on Power 2), was to my ear no louder than an average high-power springer.

FZ200 Daystate target 013-001

In addition, the electronic of the Daystate Mk4 iS Target offer a wide variety of control options for the shooter, including: magazine counter, shot counter, active display pressure, power, lighting, turning magazine counter on and off, single shot mode, and low pressure warning.

To be honest, I didn’t mess with any of these electronic settings. Instead, I contented myself with the pleasure of shooting an astonishingly accurate air rifle.

Til next time, aim true and shoot straight.

–          Jock Elliott

FZ200 Daystate target 009-001

I have to get this off my chest right up front: I am not accustomed to air rifles that light up when you switch off the safety. Yet that is precisely what the Daystate Mk4 iS Target does. When you move the rotary safety to the FIRE position, a cheerful little screen just forward of the safety on the left side illuminates with messages such as “115.0BAR” (the pressure within the air reservoir), “Pwr 2” (the power level), “S69” (the number of shots that have been taken; it’s resettable), “73%” (the state of the battery charge), and so on.

FZ200 Daystate target 011

The Daystate Mk4 iS Target, you see, is a target rifle with an electronically controlled heart. It features the Harper patent Mapped Compensated Technology (MCT) electronic firing system, the Harper sling-valve valve, and an air-stripper out at the muzzle end of the barrel. We’ll talk about what all that means in terms of the shooting experience in a bit (probably in Part II), but let me cut to the chase: the Daystate Mk4 iS Target is a bona fide tackdriver and, it is a little unusual to shoot because of the electronics.

FZ200 Daystate target 005

First, let’s take a guided tour of the Daystate Mk4 iS Target. At the extreme aft end of the thumbhole stock, which is covered with a soft rubbery material for better gripping, you’ll find a soft rubber butt pad that can be adjusted vertically. Forward of that, on the right side of the buttstock is a large silver knob that, when loosened, allows the shooter to adjust the height of the cheek piece.

The pistol grip is almost vertical and has finger indentations and textured surfaces on either side. Above that on either side is a shelf for resting your thumb while shooting. Forward of that, the stock material surrounds an adjustable electronic trigger that has an adjustable trigger shoe. Underneath the trigger assembly is a slot where there is a lock that can lock the entire rifle as well as a bolt for attaching the receiver to the stock. The stock can be fitted with a rail underneath and a knee riser for field target.

FZ200 Daystate target 002

Above the extreme forward end of the forestock is the 144 cc air reservoir. There is a black cap on the end that can be removed to reveal a male foster fitting for filling the reservoir with a SCUBA tank or a high pressure pump. A barrel band connects the reservoir to the barrel, and at the muzzle end of the barrel you’ll find an air stripper that strips turbulence from the pellet as it exits the barrel to increase accuracy. The stripper is tune-able to your pellet. By loosening the screw and sliding the unit forward or back you can tune the harmonics and actually improve accuracy for your pellet/power combo.

Moving back along the barrel, you’ll find the black metal receiver, which incorporates a generous breech that can be fitted with a 10-shot rotary magazine or a single-shot tray. On the left side of the receiver is the digital display, and at the extreme aft end of the receiver is a large silver colored bolt handle.

The Daystate Mk4 iS Target stretches just 36.5 inches from end to end and weight 9.5 pounds before a scope is fitted. It is available in .177 or .22 caliber. sent me the .177 version to test.

Next time, we’ll take a look at how the Daystate Mk4 iS Target performs.

Til then, aim true and shoot straight.

–          Jock Elliott

G12 Wolverine 004

To ready the Wolverine B for shooting, pop the cover off the foster fitting under the forestock and fill the 500cc reservoir (that’s the displacement of a decent-sized motorcycle engine!) up to bar using a high-pressure hand pump or a SCUBA tank.

The underside of he forestock showing the Wolverine insignia and the cap over the foster fitting.

The underside of he forestock showing the Wolverine insignia and the cap over the foster fitting.

Next, pull the bolt all the way back so that you can slide the rotary magazine out to the left. Loading the magazine is pretty straightforward. On the back side of the magazine (if you see a full width horizontal groove, you’re looking at the front side of the magazine), there is an indentation at the bottom through which a pellet bay is visible. Push a pellet nose-first into the hole and then rotate the pellet holder portion of the magazine one click to the left (about a quarter of an inch). Load another pellet, click the magazine to the left again, and so forth. Pretty soon, you will have ten pellets loaded (they will be visible through small holes on the back of the magazine).

Slide the magazine into the receiver from the left side, slide the bolt handle all the way forward (this pushes a pellet out of the magazine and into the barrel), and you’re good to go. Take careful aim, flick the safety off, and ease the first stage out of the trigger. This requires just 8.3 ounces of effort. At 1 lb. 15.7 oz., the shot goes down range.

The Wolverine B with the shroud/moderator assembly dismounted.

The Wolverine B with the shroud/moderator assembly dismounted.

Now, before we get to what happens next, an enormous digression. You’ll remember that I mentioned the Wolverine B arrived with the shroud/moderator assembly not mounted on the air rifle. Further, I had heard very good things about the Huggett moderator. What better opportunity to find out how effective the Huggett moderator is than to shoot the Wolverine B with just the naked barrel, then mount the shroud/moderator and shoot it again to observe the difference.

The Huggett moderator is extraordinarily effective.

The Huggett moderator is extraordinarily effective.

So I shot the Wolverine B without the shroud/moderator, and all I can say is: DON’T! Without the moderator in place, this is one loud airgun. Even though Harper valve is efficient at metering the air through the action, the report is loud (not as loud as some of the Korean pre-charged pneumatics that I have shot), and it has a sharp crack to it that reminds me of a .22 long rifle shooting high-speed ammunition.

Slide the shroud/moderator over the barrel and screw it into place and shoot again, and you’ll find all that noise simply goes away. What was a loud and neighbor-annoying report becomes a soft “ping.” It is remarkable, and even more remarkable in an air rifle of the Wolverine B’s power. Take a look at the chart below. The .22 Wolverine gets at least 85 shots out of a fill-up and generates over 30 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. That’s more than enough power to take whatever game you might reasonably want to take with a .22 caliber air rifle.


The Wolverine easily produces dime-sized groups at 100 feet, and I’m willing to bet that, with care and optimal conditions, it will produce similar size groups at 50 yards. The state of the art in today’s pre-charged pneumatic air rifles is so high that it is fairly rare to find a PCP rifle that won’t do dime-sized groups at 32-33 yards and well under an inch at 50 yards.

In the end, I liked the .22 Wolverine a whole lot. It is a big, powerful, accurate, and incredibly quiet air rifle that would make any airgunner proud.

Til next time, aim true and shoot straight.

–          Jock Elliott





The Daystate Wolverine is an air rifle that does a lot of things well.

The Daystate Wolverine is an air rifle that does a lot of things well.

What technology is doing with the latest generation of airguns is pretty amazing.

Recently, the good folks at sent me a .22 caliber Daystate Wolverine B for testing. The gun arrived with the barrel shroud, which incorporates a permanently-bonded Huggett moderator, uninstalled. The user has to slip the shroud/moderator assembly over the naked barrel and screw them together. And what the Huggett moderator does for the Wolverine B is pretty spectacular.

The walnut stock is ambidextrous.

The walnut stock is ambidextrous.

We’ll get to that in a little while, but first let’s take a guided tour of the Wolverine B which stretches nearly 44 inches long and weighs 8.1 lbs. without a scope. At the extreme aft end is a soft rubber butt pad which is attached to an ambidextrous Walnut stock crafted by Minnelli in Italy. The hand-finished thumbhole stock features a cheek piece on either side, a nearly vertical pistol grip with the Wolverine insignia on both sides, and a landing pad for the shooter’s thumb on either side in case you want to shoot with your thumb in opposition to your trigger finger.

The trigger, bolt, and breech.

The trigger, bolt, and breech.

Just forward of the pistol grip, there is a black metal trigger guard that surrounds an adjustable silver metal trigger. Forward of that, the underside of the forestock is adorned with the Wolverine insignia, and forward of that, there is an inlet in the stock that contains a black metal knob. Remove the knob, and you’ll find a male foster fitting for filling the air reservoir. Above the foster fitting on the left side of the stock is an air gauge that tells how much pressure remains in the tank. On either side of the stock, just below the receiver, you’ll find the Daystate name and logo embossed into the wood.

At the front end of the forestock is the air reservoir, a 500cc black metal bottle. Above that is the barrel, which is silver metal, and the matte black shroud and moderator assembly slides over it. At the aft end of the barrel is the matte black receiver. The breech, which holds a ten-shot rotary magazine is located roughly in the middle, and there are dovetails fore and aft of the breech on top of the receiver for mounting a scope. At the aft end of the receiver is the silver metal bolt handle, which can be mounted to the right or left side according to the shooter’s preference. Just under the bolt handle is a sliding-switch type safety.

The Wolverine B is equipped with the Steve Harper designed patented “slingshot” hammer and valve train. It uses inertia to mimic the operation of a solenoid-powered valve hammer and, therefore, eliminates the phenomenon known as “hammer bounce.” Hammer bounce is common in conventional PCPs and involves the valve opening and closing after the main discharge, wasting air long after the pellet has zipped down the bore. The Harper valve delivers extremely efficient use of air, a very high number of shots per charge, a flat power curve, an ultra-fast firing cycle and a relatively quiet (for the power level) muzzle discharge. The slingshot system is also remarkably simple and reliable. As a result, Daystate offers the Wolverine B with a three-year warranty.

Next time, we’ll take a look at how the Wolverine B shoots.

Til then, aim true and shoot straight.

–          Jock Elliott

In May, 2009, Daystate was acquired by the same group that owns Marocchi Arms. For the past two-and-a-half years, Stefano Gervasoni has been Export Director of Daystate.

JE: How did you get involved with airguns?

SG: In my last job, I was sales manager for Minelli an Italian company that made wooden stocks for airguns and firearms, so I was familiar with airguns because we supplied some of the components for them. Now that I am at Daystate, we make everything!

JE: Philosophically, how do you approach Daystate moving into the future?

SG: Daystate was already at the top of the airguns market when I joined the company. It was already the leader in PCP air rifles, thanks to the continuous development that had been done in the past.

Moving forward, Daystate needs to stay at the top end of the market and be the most advanced company in terms of new products, experimental work on airguns, which means research and development. Daystate is where it is because of the genius that was put in its air rifles in the past, and I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize that.

JE: How important is the American market to Daystate?

SG: The American market is very important to Daystate. US sales constitute about 20% of our total sales, and American sales represent 50% of our exports, so financially the American market is important to us. But there is another season why the US is important to Daystate.

JE: What’s that?

SG: The US is an airgun marketplace that is very sophisticated. The customers are very experienced, and they know what they want. The general culture of the customer is very high, and the competition is strong, which is good. That means the American market obliges Daystate as a manufacturer to continually improve and innovate.

It’s challenging, but it is good for Daystate. The US market pushes us to do our best.

JE: Speaking of innovation, do you have anything new and exciting coming along?

SG: At the SHOT Show this year we displayed a new model, a .30 caliber (7.62mm) big bore air rifle. We expect that it will produce 100 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle.

It is a new way to think about air rifle design. It is a pre-charged pneumatic, and it uses the air that would normally be wasted to index the magazine. It is a very efficient design. While it is not simpler to manufacture, it is simpler to operate.

At the SHOT Show, there was a lot of interest in this air rifle, and people in the US are waiting for it to come to the market. We expect that we will have product available in the US in April or May.

In addition to the .30 caliber version, we also expect to bring out .177, .20, .22, and .25 versions of the Wolverine, as well as 12 foot-pound versions for the UK market. We’re very excited about the Wolverine, and we think that the basic underlying principles of its design will help us to maintain leadership for the next five years or more.

Til next time, aim true and shoot straight.

–          Jock Elliott

If you think that Airguns of Arizona is content to rest on its laurels, quietly baking in the Arizona sun, think again.

Recently I spoke with Robert Buchanan, president of AoA, about the company’s international connection. “At least once a year, I go to Europe. Frequently, it is to visit the IWA Fair, which is the European equivalent of the SHOT Show. All the major manufacturers display at IWA, and we have important meetings.”

“Some of the time is spent talking about how we can work together better,” Buchanan says. “The airgun manufacturers usually have some things they would like AoA to do better, and we usually have some requests of them. We try to work through those issues and find out what going on for the next year in terms of product, pricing, and so forth.”

He notes that the American market appears to be rising in importance for the European manufacturers. “Things appear to be worse in the European economy than they are here in the US, and the European airgun manufacturers are apparently looking to us for growth. Right now, AoA is on a track for very good growth.”

Buchanan sees a change in the way the Europeans are approaching the American market. “For most of our history in working with them, when they designed a new gun, they would first design it for the 12-foot-pound European market and then later they would see about boosting the power to meet the demands of American consumers.”

“Now, however, we’re starting to see some companies look first to the US when designing a new model. The Daystate Wolverine is an example. It is a big, powerful air rifle, two years in the making, and it was designed clearly for the American market. Sure, it will be sold in Europe, but its first market is the US,” Buchanan says.

Among frequently discussed topics on Buchanan’s overseas visits to manufacturers are customer service and parts. “We have tens of thousands of dollars in parts inventory at Airguns of Arizona, but we don’t have all parts at all times. I usually press manufacturers to be quicker about responding to request for parts, because American customers are pretty much accustomed to ‘instant’ customer service. And of course, we always stress the need for the highest quality products and quality control,” he says.

He adds that visiting the factories helps AoA to understand how and why some of the air rifles and air pistols are made the way they are. “Some of the top end elite air rifles are every bit as exotic as a Ferrari,” Buchanan says.

Every other year, AoA sends some of its employees overseas to train at the factories to learn how to service and repair the air guns that AoA imports. “We learn how to service a particular gun in a particular manner that is quicker and more efficient and also less stress on the components. Sometimes there are specific torque values on individual bolts that will bring out the best performance,” Buchanan says. “It’s no longer good enough to tighten everything until it is snug. You have to get it right.”

Sometimes the international connection works the other way. “Fredrik Axelsson of FX visited us a couple of months ago and was extremely helpful. Stefano Gervisoni of Daystate came over for the SHOT Show. It was educational for all of us.”

The bottom line for Buchanan, though, is that the international connection has helped, and will continue to help, Airguns of Arizona to deliver better airguns and service to its customers.

Til next time, aim true and shoot straight.

–          Jock Elliott