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Weihrauch HW95 Luxus

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

With the fall of Beeman Precision Airguns, aka S/R Industries, as the distributor of Weihrauch in the US as we have always known them, we felt it was important to pickup where they were dropping off. We have added most of the traditional Beeman line under the factory badge of Weihrauch already, and our newest addition is the HW95 Luxus.
Most already know this rifle as the “Beeman R9”, but the factory version comes complete not only with sights, but with the premium adjustable sights with interchangeable front inserts. These are available now, and full details can be found here.

Hammerli Pneuma – Price Drop!

Friday, February 26th, 2010
And the good deals keep coming!

We are pleased to announce that the Pneuma is now available for less! Click here to read more! For those that do not know anything about the Pneuma, allow us to introduce its features:

  • Single shot, manual loading, side lever action, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle.
  • Precision rifled choked barrel for accuracy, ½ UNF threaded muzzle & fitted muzzle cap.
  • Available in .177 and .22 calibers.
  • Thumbhole synthetic ambidextrous stock with raised montecarlo cheeckpiece.
  • Elevation & fit angle adjustable rubber butt pad.
  • Detachable air cylinder tube (180 cc) enabling to use spare air cylinders.
  • Built-in pressure gauge on the air cylinder to monitor the cylinder pressure.
  • Standard quick-fill nozzle & air cylinder discharging cap supplied in the box.
  • Dovetail groove receiver for both 11 mm and 22 mm scope mounts.
  • Overall blued finish, black anodized receiver.
  • Resettable Manual & Automatic Safety.
  • Adjustable rear & front sight with Tru-Glo fiber optics.
  • 2-stage adjustable match trigger for trigger travel and trigger pull force.
  • Gold plated metal trigger & metal trigger guard.

In short, if you are looking for an excellent starting point into PCP airguns, the Hammerli Pneuma represents an excellent value, and it has the performance of models that cost 3X more.

The RWS Model 56 Target Hunter by Diana!

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

By popular demand, we are proud to offer the RWS Model 56 TH! While the US importer for RWS airguns did not add the Model 56 TH to their 2010 product lineup, we at Airguns of Arizona were able to convince them to allow us to special order, and are now able to offer this great product.

Besides sporting an ambidextrous thumbhole stock, the Model 56 TH is loaded with several new features to the German-made Diana line. The trigger assembly is the latest version with a lighter release range and ALL METAL components. That’s right, it’s an RWS rifle with a metal trigger! And to top it off…it also has a metal, resettable safety catch! Add to the list an adjustable butt pad and a barrel harmonic dampener, and you have an amazing recoiless rifle with practical purpose as a field target rifle or long range hunting tool.

Well done Diana! The RWS Model 56 TH is a huge step in the right direction. Not bad for a company that has been manufacturing airguns for 120 years!

Crosman Nitro Piston

Monday, June 22nd, 2009
Crosman is stepping up their level in airgunning with the new Nitro Piston line of airguns. Replacing the coil spring with a gas-ram piston, the vibration and noise are greatly reduced, making for a quiet and smooth firing break-barrel airgun.


The Crosman Nitro Piston airgun is available in .177 or .22 caliber with two stock colors available in either caliber. The stock colors available are:

Carbon Fiber

Digital Camo

The stock design is comfortable for either right or left handed shooters, and the shrouded barrel serves two purposes as a cocking aid and a noise reduction device. Included with the Nitro Piston rifle is a Centerpoint scope and mounts.

Crosman has been doing an exceptional job with creating affordable airguns in categories which were previously dominated by expensive options. If you were thinking about getting a gas ram airgun, the Nitro Piston line is not only affordable, but seems to be an excellent value for the investment.

Introducing the first member of the Royale family…the FX Royale 400!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Q: What do you get when two leading designers put their heads together on one project?
A: One amazing airgun!

The FX Royale 400 is built by FX Airguns in Sweden. Fredrik Axelsson is both the owner and designer of FX, and he pooled the knowledge of Ben Taylor in the making of the Royale series. Ben Taylor is the man who started and designed the Theoben rifles many years ago. He has since gained years of knowledge and experience in custom valving and precharged design. Combine that with FX’s leading designs, and you have one very nice airgun.

Here’s a quick rundown of the features:

  • Removable 400cc Bottle
  • Quick Fill Adaptor
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Side Lever Cocking Arm
  • 12-Shot Magazine (16 in .177)
  • Integral Barrel Shroud
  • Thumbhole Stock in Walnut or Synthetic
  • Adjustable Butt Pad
  • 2-Stage Adjustable Trigger

Many of these features are available on other rifles in production, but with the Royale, the words “Best available” should be inserted before each feature. This rifle is extremely nice, and a superb value for the money. But what of performance? Here is some of our test results:

  • 35+ ft/lbs in .22 caliber
  • 60 shots per fill in .22 caliber
  • 1/2 inch groups at 50 yards

For more information on the FX Royale 400, click here!

Weihrauch HW35E – The Last “CLASSIC”

Monday, February 16th, 2009
If you are an airgunner of many years like each of us here, you have been around long enough to see a change in the build style and types of airguns made today. While many airguns are extremely nice today, they all lack that classic look and style of the past. That is, with one exception…

A highly experienced factory located in Mellrichstadt, Germany is responsible for designing and building many classic-sporting airguns. In the early years they were imported by Air Rifle Headquarters as HW models, and then by Robert Beeman in years to follow. Like many of the other “classics” these rifles have been taken out of production, with the blame placed on cost to build and low demand. Aside from the used market, these “classics” are not available for purchase, save one, the Weihrauch HW35E.

The Classic Weihrauch HW35E AirgunSporting a very classic walnut stock, complete with grooved fore end, a white line spacer and grip cap as well as checkered grip panels, the Weihrauch HW35E is the last “classic”. So, what makes is so special? The HW35E sports a barrel lock-up device that was common in the early years to provide a break barrel spring gun with the strength and rigidity needed for competitive shooting. Popular models from the past that utilized this same concept were the Weihrauch HW55 and the Walther LG55 as well as many others. Weihrauch HW35E Breech With Lock UpToday you do not see this design in use, as break barrel spring guns are now categorized as hunting rifles, not competitive rifles. The HW35E also has a precision-machined rear cylinder cap that is threaded into the spring cylinder rather than pinned in place.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to purchase and own a modern “classic” while they are still available. Judging by the pattern shown in all spring gun factories, quantity, not quality, is steering their production, and very few quality factories, like Weihrauch, are still building spring rifles.

Air Conserving Pumper – The Benjamin 392ACP

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Springer Quiet, First-Class Sporter Trigger, and Full Power from 3 Pumps

Developed by Steve Woodward, the Benjamin ACP takes pump-up rifles to the next level. Utilizing unique Air-Conserving-Pumper (ACP) technology , the AoA Benjamin ACP requires less than half the pumping to achieve full power than the standard model. By installing a proprietary Hammer-Debounce-Device (HDD) in combination with other modifications, the usually wasteful pumper valve is made to conserve and recycle most of the stored air over and over, shot after shot. Charge and fire the rifle just once with the usual 8 full-power pump strokes, then subsequent shots require only 3 recharge strokes (on average) to achieve the same constant full power. This drastically reduces the shooter’s time and effort between shots, allowing more shooting and less pumping. Accuracy also improves, because constant power means a constant MV and a consistent trajectory for the pellet. Plus, less air expenditure means less noise, so air conservation greatly reduces muzzle blast compared to a standard Benjamin’s. To keep the rifle simple to use, the ACP incorporates an automatic pressure sensor device. This prevents both overcharging and undercharging the rifle – important because either one can cause power loss. Simply pump until the pressure sensor protrudes from beneath the stock, signalling that the rifle is fully charged, then load and shoot. Besides the innovative ACP valve design, the reknowned SuperSear trigger is also installed, improving the factory trigger geometry and providing a true 2-stage trigger with dramatically reduced pull weight and creep.

Click Here for More Information!