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Big Deal, Small Package…Omega Air Mini 4500psi Tank!

Monday, May 7th, 2012

The world of portable 4500 psi air supply just got brighter!  Introducing the ultra-compact and portable Omega Air Mini tank…measuring at 11 inches from the top of the valve to the bottom of the cylinder, and a mere 4 inches in diameter!

Omega Air MiniComplete with USA made valve, bleeder, and high pressure hose assembly, this US-DOT certified tank is safe and reliable well beyond its 4500 psi rating. To read all of the specification and more, click here.

OTIS Airgun Cleaning System

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

OTIS Airgun Cleaning KitThe perfect fit for any shooting box.  The OTIS Airgun Cleaning Kit works with any caliber from .177 to .25 and allows you to clean from the breech to muzzle, like the direction a pellet is fired, for optimum cleaning.  Unlike other OTIS kits on the market, the Airgun Kit is equipped with o-ring friendly cleaner instead of harsh solvents used on firearms. The best feature though, is the compact 4-inch zippered pouch that the entire kit fits within.  The OTIS Airgun Cleaning System makes a compact option for keeping your airgun shooting at its best!  See more details on our OTIS Airgun Cleaning System page!

Primal Gun Gear

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Primal Gun Gear Logo

Quality airgun gear designed by airgunners to better improve the sport. Made in the USA from durable and heavy duty materials and top quality hardware.

Primal Gun Gear Tank Tote

Tank Tote protects and makes hauling the Omega Air Cylinder easy. This product and more available by Primal Gun Gear.

Carbon Fiber Tanks – Low Weight, Low Cost, High Pressure

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
We are very pleased to announce the release of our latest fill option for precharged airguns…Carbon Fiber 4500 psi tanks.
These tanks are 4500 psi with a capacity of 75 cu. ft., which provides ample air for refilling even the largest precharged airguns multiple times.
The patented Jubilee valve assembly reduces the risk of overfilling your airgun by restricting the rate at which the air can transfer through the included hose assembly.
This unique configuration maximizes safety, minimizes waste, and represents the absolute best value in carbon fiber tanks in the airgun industry. Plus, due to our factory direct purchasing, only a month or two of the 15 year composite tank life are wasted in transport and delivery.
Click Here For Details and Pricing!

Crosman .177 Pellet Loader

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
Not all announcements are earth shaking, but sometimes a small product comes along worth special mention. Such is the case with Crosman’s new .177 caliber Pellet Loader.
Made from a durable aluminum tube, this handy tool holds up to 16 .177 caliber pellets, and stores easily in your shirt pocket. Using your thumb to depress the loading probe makes loading a break barrel or tap-loader airgun a breeze. No more struggling with the tiny .177 pellets while hunting, or fussing with metal tins while shooting at the range. Also, the Crosman Pellet Loader can be used to quickly load your magazines when big fingers get in the way. Another great accessory from Crosman!

Thread-On Sun Shade for Nikko Diamond 10-50X60 Scope

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Here’s one for all you Field Target shooters struggling with scope glare! Introducing the Nikko Diamond 10-50X60 Sun Shade.

Designed to thread onto the new style Diamond scope (the ones with the green turrets and power adjuster). This 5 inch sun shade comes with a screw-on cap which seals off the front objective and keeps unwanted dust out. Plus, if you decide to remove the sun shade, the cap also fits directly onto the scope objective for protection.

This sun shade was a long time coming, but is finally here. So, take off your custom creations, and say goodbye to awful glare spots by adding the new Nikko Diamond 10-50X Sun Shade today.

JSB Exact Jumbo Monster .22 Pellets

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Generally, we equate Monsters with bad things like horror films and angry mobs with pitch forks and torches. However, the world leaders in pellet manufacturing … JSB … are changing the way we view Monsters!

Introducing the JSB Exact MONSTER in .22 caliber!!! Tipping the scales at 25.4 grains, these pellets show huge promise in high power airguns…specifically the magnum precharged pneumatics. While maintaining the pellet shape, the new Monster pellets take on a bullet-like appearance. This gives the pellets a better ballistic coefficient, and helps to retain downrange energy.

The new JSB Exact Monster pellets come from a manufacturer with a long standing reputation in the airgun industry as being the most consistent and accurate pellets available. It is no surprise that the new Monster’s are specifically designed and tested thoroughly to be accurate in magnum .22 caliber airguns.

Sportsmatch Scope Mounts

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Sportsmatch ATP61 2 Pc. Adjustable 30mm Mounts for 11mm Scope RailWe are now a factory authorized importer of Sportsmatch scope mounts and accessories. While the Sportsmatch product has been available through Beeman for some time, they do not offer the full range of products available from the manufacturer. We now keep inventory of their many useful products from adjustable mounts to adaptors, as well as the always popular scope mounts and risers used by top level shooters throughout the world.

Sportsmatch UK builds mounts with the highest level of quality, from high-grade metals and careful CNC machining. They offer 1 inch and 30mm mounts in 1 or 2 piece configurations. Models range from standard to droop compensated to fully adjustable for windage and elevation. If you want to use the best mounts in the airgun industry, look no further than Sportsmatch!

Airgun Hunting the California Ground Squirrel

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Airgunning DVD’s are in short supply. Thanks to the hard work of Cliff Tharp, we are proud to offer Airgun Hunting the California Ground Squirrel, a fun and informational guide to hunting with airguns. Cliff walks you through the process of spotting, range finding, and compensating for shots out to 100 yards and beyond with an airgun.

This DVD video makes a great addition to any airgun or shooting collection, and is a valuable tool for showing others the capabilities of modern airguns. Click Here for more information!