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Crosman .177 Pellet Loader

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
Not all announcements are earth shaking, but sometimes a small product comes along worth special mention. Such is the case with Crosman’s new .177 caliber Pellet Loader.
Made from a durable aluminum tube, this handy tool holds up to 16 .177 caliber pellets, and stores easily in your shirt pocket. Using your thumb to depress the loading probe makes loading a break barrel or tap-loader airgun a breeze. No more struggling with the tiny .177 pellets while hunting, or fussing with metal tins while shooting at the range. Also, the Crosman Pellet Loader can be used to quickly load your magazines when big fingers get in the way. Another great accessory from Crosman!

JSB Exact Jumbo Monster .22 Pellets

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Generally, we equate Monsters with bad things like horror films and angry mobs with pitch forks and torches. However, the world leaders in pellet manufacturing … JSB … are changing the way we view Monsters!

Introducing the JSB Exact MONSTER in .22 caliber!!! Tipping the scales at 25.4 grains, these pellets show huge promise in high power airguns…specifically the magnum precharged pneumatics. While maintaining the pellet shape, the new Monster pellets take on a bullet-like appearance. This gives the pellets a better ballistic coefficient, and helps to retain downrange energy.

The new JSB Exact Monster pellets come from a manufacturer with a long standing reputation in the airgun industry as being the most consistent and accurate pellets available. It is no surprise that the new Monster’s are specifically designed and tested thoroughly to be accurate in magnum .22 caliber airguns.

Haendler & Natermann Sport

Friday, July 10th, 2009
Direct from Germany without any private labels, we are proud to now offer the H&N; line of pellets. In case you didn’t know, Haendler & Natermann Sport (H&N; for short) are the suppliers of pellets for Beeman under their Precision Airgun Pellets labels. Due to the long standing delays and spotty availability, we went after a direct line on pellets to keep supply coming. As a result, we may now offer new pellets which Beeman does not bring into the country. With that background, we introduce:

H&N; Rabbit Magnum II pellets are designed for high power airguns. With a bullet-like shape, they have superior ballistic quality for down range energy retention. Translated…these pellets hit hard!!! For airguns with high energy, like precharged pneumatics, these pellets will perform well.

H&N; Neue Spitz-Kugeln (New Spitz) pellets have a stable design for medium range shooting. Spring guns and precharged guns will shoot these New Spitz pellets. H&N; states that they were designed with Silhouette shooters in mind. The tip shares the advantages of pointed and wadcutter design. With average weight in both .177 and .22 caliber, the H&N; New Spitz are good for any airgun at common power levels.

Aside from these two new pellets to the US market, we have the popular Baracuda, Baracuda Match, and Field & Target Trophy pellets available as well. Click Here to View the Full Line of H&N; Pellets.

Good News for .25 Caliber Shooters – The RWS Superdome and Super-H-Point in .25!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
Up until recently, the US market has been short on the availability of .25 caliber pellets. Introducing the new line of RWS pellets in .25.

Now available are the Superdome .25 pellets, weighing in at 31 grains, these pellets will work well in a variety of high powered airguns. While they are similar in looks to the well-known Beeman Kodiak .25, they are in fact a completely different design.

Also available are the Super-H-Point .25 pellets, weighing in at 25 grains. These are designed with the hunter in mind, and are effective on small game, with rapid expansion from the hollow point design.

Both come packaged in tins of 200 pellets. Congratulations to RWS for bringing out additional .25 caliber pellets. We are now proud to offer .25 caliber ammo from several good quality sources!

Daystate Rangemaster .25 Pellets

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Daystate has developed an entirely new .25 caliber pellet design in the Rangemaster product range. With the Daystate Air Ranger 80 ft/lb rifle switching over from .223 caliber rimfire barrel to a more common .25 caliber airgun barrel, Daystate sat down with a leading British pellet designer and came out with the Rangemaster “TWENTYFIVE”. Weighing in at a mere 36 grains, these pellets will perform exceptionally well at Magnum power levels. While they may shoot with some success in spring powered rifles, Daystate recommends them in magnum precharged rifles like the Air Ranger 80 ft/lb version. Just as Daystate is proud to offer an entirely British-made line of air rifles, they are equally proud to offer their Rangemaster pellets, which are also “Made in England“. Quality pellets from the company who leads the British airgun industry!

Daystate Rangemaster Pellets – Ballistically Superior By Design

Thursday, February 19th, 2009
Expanding the Rangemaster pellet line, Daystate has added conventional .177 and .22 pellets which have been highly developed and tested to be ballistically more efficient than the pellets currently available. The new Rangemaster HE pellets are not just another rebranded pellet made under several badges. While the general accuracy is no better than the best pellets already being sold, the advantage comes in downrange accuracy under less than ideal conditions. Because of their superior design, the new Daystate Rangemaster High Energy pellets retain velocity better than conventional pellets, and give better results in windy conditions. UK writer, Nigel Allen, published an article entitled WIND CHEATER, a 3-page pellet review in the Airgunner magazine, describing in better detail the major advantages of the Daystate Rangemaster pellets.

Click Here to Read!

Crosman Premier Pellets – From Box to Tin

Friday, February 13th, 2009
New Style Premier .22 in the TinEffective immediately, Crosman has switched over from packaging the Premier .22 pellets in a 625 count brown box to packaging in a 500 count tin. Based on our visual inspection, the pellets are exactly the same, and the weights match up. However, what is lost is the fact that the boxed pellets are Die numbered, which means they are batched. The tins, like all of the Premier tins, are not batched in Die numbers. While the hardcore target shooters may be able to distinguish the difference, most average shooters will notice no difference in accuracy. The good news is that the new packaging costs less per pellet. We have them in available now.
Old Style Premier .22 in the Cardboard Box
For those who still want the boxed Premier .22, we were able to secure 300 boxes of the last available inventory. These are in stock now at the time of this news release, so act fast to secure your pellets. At best we can tell, Crosman will not make them in batched Die numbers again.