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Sportsmatch Scope Mounts

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Sportsmatch ATP61 2 Pc. Adjustable 30mm Mounts for 11mm Scope RailWe are now a factory authorized importer of Sportsmatch scope mounts and accessories. While the Sportsmatch product has been available through Beeman for some time, they do not offer the full range of products available from the manufacturer. We now keep inventory of their many useful products from adjustable mounts to adaptors, as well as the always popular scope mounts and risers used by top level shooters throughout the world.

Sportsmatch UK builds mounts with the highest level of quality, from high-grade metals and careful CNC machining. They offer 1 inch and 30mm mounts in 1 or 2 piece configurations. Models range from standard to droop compensated to fully adjustable for windage and elevation. If you want to use the best mounts in the airgun industry, look no further than Sportsmatch!

Good News for .25 Caliber Shooters – The RWS Superdome and Super-H-Point in .25!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
Up until recently, the US market has been short on the availability of .25 caliber pellets. Introducing the new line of RWS pellets in .25.

Now available are the Superdome .25 pellets, weighing in at 31 grains, these pellets will work well in a variety of high powered airguns. While they are similar in looks to the well-known Beeman Kodiak .25, they are in fact a completely different design.

Also available are the Super-H-Point .25 pellets, weighing in at 25 grains. These are designed with the hunter in mind, and are effective on small game, with rapid expansion from the hollow point design.

Both come packaged in tins of 200 pellets. Congratulations to RWS for bringing out additional .25 caliber pellets. We are now proud to offer .25 caliber ammo from several good quality sources!

Daystate Rangemaster .25 Pellets

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Daystate has developed an entirely new .25 caliber pellet design in the Rangemaster product range. With the Daystate Air Ranger 80 ft/lb rifle switching over from .223 caliber rimfire barrel to a more common .25 caliber airgun barrel, Daystate sat down with a leading British pellet designer and came out with the Rangemaster “TWENTYFIVE”. Weighing in at a mere 36 grains, these pellets will perform exceptionally well at Magnum power levels. While they may shoot with some success in spring powered rifles, Daystate recommends them in magnum precharged rifles like the Air Ranger 80 ft/lb version. Just as Daystate is proud to offer an entirely British-made line of air rifles, they are equally proud to offer their Rangemaster pellets, which are also “Made in England“. Quality pellets from the company who leads the British airgun industry!