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Haendler & Natermann Sport

Friday, July 10th, 2009
Direct from Germany without any private labels, we are proud to now offer the H&N; line of pellets. In case you didn’t know, Haendler & Natermann Sport (H&N; for short) are the suppliers of pellets for Beeman under their Precision Airgun Pellets labels. Due to the long standing delays and spotty availability, we went after a direct line on pellets to keep supply coming. As a result, we may now offer new pellets which Beeman does not bring into the country. With that background, we introduce:

H&N; Rabbit Magnum II pellets are designed for high power airguns. With a bullet-like shape, they have superior ballistic quality for down range energy retention. Translated…these pellets hit hard!!! For airguns with high energy, like precharged pneumatics, these pellets will perform well.

H&N; Neue Spitz-Kugeln (New Spitz) pellets have a stable design for medium range shooting. Spring guns and precharged guns will shoot these New Spitz pellets. H&N; states that they were designed with Silhouette shooters in mind. The tip shares the advantages of pointed and wadcutter design. With average weight in both .177 and .22 caliber, the H&N; New Spitz are good for any airgun at common power levels.

Aside from these two new pellets to the US market, we have the popular Baracuda, Baracuda Match, and Field & Target Trophy pellets available as well. Click Here to View the Full Line of H&N; Pellets.