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Crosman .177 Pellet Loader

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
Not all announcements are earth shaking, but sometimes a small product comes along worth special mention. Such is the case with Crosman’s new .177 caliber Pellet Loader.
Made from a durable aluminum tube, this handy tool holds up to 16 .177 caliber pellets, and stores easily in your shirt pocket. Using your thumb to depress the loading probe makes loading a break barrel or tap-loader airgun a breeze. No more struggling with the tiny .177 pellets while hunting, or fussing with metal tins while shooting at the range. Also, the Crosman Pellet Loader can be used to quickly load your magazines when big fingers get in the way. Another great accessory from Crosman!

Thread-On Sun Shade for Nikko Diamond 10-50X60 Scope

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Here’s one for all you Field Target shooters struggling with scope glare! Introducing the Nikko Diamond 10-50X60 Sun Shade.

Designed to thread onto the new style Diamond scope (the ones with the green turrets and power adjuster). This 5 inch sun shade comes with a screw-on cap which seals off the front objective and keeps unwanted dust out. Plus, if you decide to remove the sun shade, the cap also fits directly onto the scope objective for protection.

This sun shade was a long time coming, but is finally here. So, take off your custom creations, and say goodbye to awful glare spots by adding the new Nikko Diamond 10-50X Sun Shade today.

Browning 800 Mag

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

A magnum power, sporter class air pistol at a bargain price. Introducing the Browning 800 Magnum pistol.
Made in Turkey under the Browning license, the 800 Mag boasts velocities of 700 fps with lightweight pellets. The included muzzle break slips over the barrel to aid in cocking the spring powered action. When fired the pistol has virtually no felt recoil. Ad to these features the ease of mounting a scope or specialized sight with an 11mm scope rail machined into the receiver. Ambidextrous grip design makes it shooter friendly for all shooters alike. On top of everything the Browning 800 Mag is available at a reasonable price point, making it an affordable option for plinking and pest control.

JSB Exact Jumbo Monster .22 Pellets

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Generally, we equate Monsters with bad things like horror films and angry mobs with pitch forks and torches. However, the world leaders in pellet manufacturing … JSB … are changing the way we view Monsters!

Introducing the JSB Exact MONSTER in .22 caliber!!! Tipping the scales at 25.4 grains, these pellets show huge promise in high power airguns…specifically the magnum precharged pneumatics. While maintaining the pellet shape, the new Monster pellets take on a bullet-like appearance. This gives the pellets a better ballistic coefficient, and helps to retain downrange energy.

The new JSB Exact Monster pellets come from a manufacturer with a long standing reputation in the airgun industry as being the most consistent and accurate pellets available. It is no surprise that the new Monster’s are specifically designed and tested thoroughly to be accurate in magnum .22 caliber airguns.

Brocock AimX Grand Prix

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

The airgun market had a gap in the precharged sporting pistol market at the $500-$600 level. That is until now! Introducing the Brocock AimX Grand Prix pistol…

AimX Grand Prix Pistol

Weighing in right at 3 pounds, this comfortable pistol delivers 12 ft/lbs of energy in .22 caliber…perfect for target practice, plinking and varmint control in your back yard and beyond. The trigger is an adjustable 2-stage unit while the grip is ambidextrous for right or left handed shooters. The action is operated by releasing the locking lever, pulling the bolt back to cock the action, single loading the pellet of choice, and sliding the bolt closed in the locked position. It couldn’t be more simple to use. The air cylinder is pressurized to 3000 psi using a standard Fosters style quick connect concealed nicely beneath the thread-on fill cover. Open sights are optional, and either version comes standard with an 11mm dovetail scope rail grooved into the receiver. Value, ergonomics and performance wrapped into one pistol equals the AimX Grand Prix, made in England by Brocock LTD! Available now…Click Here For More!