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FX T12 Whisper Special

Monday, July 19th, 2010

FX Airguns and Airguns of Arizona, in a cooperative effort, are pleased to offer the T12 Whisper at an all-time low price.

FX T12 Whisper Air Rifle

Click Here to see the FX T12 Whisper and the special pricing!

FX Independence – The airgun that stands alone!

Monday, July 19th, 2010

FX Airguns of Sweden continues to amaze the airgun world.  As if building top-quality airguns with performance that is second to none weren’t enough, FX has taken design to the next level with the advent of the 3-stage pump, the 4-stage pump, semi-automatic airguns, smooth twist barrel technology and now the completely self-contained, precharged pneumatic airgun, aptly named the FX Independence.

FX Independence Air Rifle

Precharged guns are touted for being the easiest to shoot, the most convenient to use for power and minimal noise, but are criticized for requiring an outside source of air like a tank or pump.  That is until now!  The FX Independence has a built in pump that can be used to top-off the rifle.  Once full, the rifle will deliver 6 match-grade shots.  Each shot requires 3 pumps to refill, and the pump effort is minimal for all strokes.  The FX Independence is absolutely the best of all worlds! 

Primal Gun Gear

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Primal Gun Gear Logo

Quality airgun gear designed by airgunners to better improve the sport. Made in the USA from durable and heavy duty materials and top quality hardware.

Primal Gun Gear Tank Tote

Tank Tote protects and makes hauling the Omega Air Cylinder easy. This product and more available by Primal Gun Gear.