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OTIS Airgun Cleaning System

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

OTIS Airgun Cleaning KitThe perfect fit for any shooting box.  The OTIS Airgun Cleaning Kit works with any caliber from .177 to .25 and allows you to clean from the breech to muzzle, like the direction a pellet is fired, for optimum cleaning.  Unlike other OTIS kits on the market, the Airgun Kit is equipped with o-ring friendly cleaner instead of harsh solvents used on firearms. The best feature though, is the compact 4-inch zippered pouch that the entire kit fits within.  The OTIS Airgun Cleaning System makes a compact option for keeping your airgun shooting at its best!  See more details on our OTIS Airgun Cleaning System page!

Marocchi SM45 90-shot repeater!

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Marocchi SM45Just in from Italy, the Marocchi SM45, CO2 powered, lead ball repeater is sure to bring joy to airgunning!  With an onboard magazine capable of holding 90 shots, and an 88gr CO2 cylinder, no tin can is safe!  Marocchi SM45 Wood-LookAs fast as you can pull the trigger, the SM45 will send a lead ball or BB down range at velocities adjustable to 600 fps. Available in black or with a wood-look finish that adds a touch of class to this fun sporter.  Click on the Marocchi page for more details!