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AOA / Pellcan 1.9 Pellet Tin

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

AOA Pellcan 1.9Tired of spilling your pellets on the ground, or having a tin come open in your pocket or gun case? Introducing the AOA / Pellcan 1.9, precision pellet tin with a thread-on protective cap. This canister will keep your pellets safe from spilling, and the air tight seal will keep moisture out.  For those who lube your pellets, this container will also keep the lube from leaking out. Made for AOA by Pellcan, this 1.9″ pellet tin is the perfect size to fit inside your pocket or gun case.  And, with its attractive price, you can buy a few and keep one with each airgun you own! For details, click to view the AOA / Pellcan page.