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Daystate Wolverine 303…a new design…a new caliber

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Daystate Wolverine 303

The “Pioneers of the modern precharged airguns” are at it again, and this time they built a completely new air rifle that is unlike their entire range, but built around everything they have learned and perfected over the decades in manufacturing.  Along with the new rifle design, they assisted in designing a new airgun caliber to boot!  Rather than mounting a firearm barrel, Daystate has teamed with the most well known airgun barrel manufacturer, Lothar-Walther to design a special airgun barrel, and teamed with the leading pellet manufacturer, JSB, to develop a new caliber airgun pellet.  This marriage of news is the secret for success, as each component is purpose designed and tested to ensure the best results.  And with that said, we present the new Daystate Wolverine 303.

We expect the first shipment to leave the Daystate factory very soon, and are already taking pre-orders.  Read all the Daystate Wolverine 303 details here.