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FX Bullpups are getting close!

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

We have been in communication with FX Airguns, sharing thoughts and feedback about the new line of Bullpup airguns.  Needless to say, we are very excited about the new models, which will set the new standard in Bullpup airguns! In case you haven’t seen the images of the final production models, here you go:


FX Bobcat with optional FX Scope

 The FX Bobcat is the first Bullpup design from the world-renowned Swedish airgun manufacture.  The genius designer has incorporated the most highly regarded features into the design, like a shrouded barrel, extended scope rail for ample mounting surface, a comfortable cheek piece and ergonomic stock design, built-in pressure gauge, and a repeating mechanism with spare magazine holder in the stock. FX took the concept to reality to meet the demands of the Bullpup market with the new FX Bobcat.  Coming Soon!

FX Indy

FX Indy Arrow Firing model with optional FX Scope

Adapted from the Bobcat bullpup design, the Indy is the ultimate in survival airguns!  The convenience of a precharged airgun with the self-contained Independence pump on board which enables the shooter to keep a consistent supply of air without external pumps or tanks.  The Indy Arrow Firing model utilizes FX’s proven design to air power an arrow at similar spec to a cross-bow and the unique design of the FX Indy has a built-in quiver which holds two spare arrows for quick and easy reloading. Whether you intend to target practice or take small to medium sized game animals, the Indy will perform nicely! Coming soon!