Baikal IZH-46M Air Pistol

Just arrived…fresh out of Russia, the renowned match pistol…the IZH-46M.

A single stroke pneumatic powerplant with ample leverage for smooth and easy cocking, while maintaining 500+ fps in .177 caliber. The IZH-46M pistol is one of the best values in competition pistols, and also serves as a sporting and plinking pistol as well.

After getting tired of the lack of supply in the US on these pistols, we at Airguns of Arizona decided to go directly to the Russian Baikal factory for supply. Now, instead of the occasional few trickling in, we have them coming via freight by the hundreds. This also has given us the opportunity to import other models that were previously unavailable in the USA. Stay tuned for more on that!

Also, if you are thinking of adding a scope to the IZH-46M, don’t forget to pick up an adaptor rail which leaves a Weaver base on the pistol.

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