JSB Exact Jumbo Monster .22 Pellets

Generally, we equate Monsters with bad things like horror films and angry mobs with pitch forks and torches. However, the world leaders in pellet manufacturing … JSB … are changing the way we view Monsters!

Introducing the JSB Exact MONSTER in .22 caliber!!! Tipping the scales at 25.4 grains, these pellets show huge promise in high power airguns…specifically the magnum precharged pneumatics. While maintaining the pellet shape, the new Monster pellets take on a bullet-like appearance. This gives the pellets a better ballistic coefficient, and helps to retain downrange energy.

The new JSB Exact Monster pellets come from a manufacturer with a long standing reputation in the airgun industry as being the most consistent and accurate pellets available. It is no surprise that the new Monster’s are specifically designed and tested thoroughly to be accurate in magnum .22 caliber airguns.

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