Brocock AimX Grand Prix

The airgun market had a gap in the precharged sporting pistol market at the $500-$600 level. That is until now! Introducing the Brocock AimX Grand Prix pistol…

AimX Grand Prix Pistol

Weighing in right at 3 pounds, this comfortable pistol delivers 12 ft/lbs of energy in .22 caliber…perfect for target practice, plinking and varmint control in your back yard and beyond. The trigger is an adjustable 2-stage unit while the grip is ambidextrous for right or left handed shooters. The action is operated by releasing the locking lever, pulling the bolt back to cock the action, single loading the pellet of choice, and sliding the bolt closed in the locked position. It couldn’t be more simple to use. The air cylinder is pressurized to 3000 psi using a standard Fosters style quick connect concealed nicely beneath the thread-on fill cover. Open sights are optional, and either version comes standard with an 11mm dovetail scope rail grooved into the receiver. Value, ergonomics and performance wrapped into one pistol equals the AimX Grand Prix, made in England by Brocock LTD! Available now…Click Here For More!

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