Crosman Nitro Piston

Crosman is stepping up their level in airgunning with the new Nitro Piston line of airguns. Replacing the coil spring with a gas-ram piston, the vibration and noise are greatly reduced, making for a quiet and smooth firing break-barrel airgun.


The Crosman Nitro Piston airgun is available in .177 or .22 caliber with two stock colors available in either caliber. The stock colors available are:

Carbon Fiber

Digital Camo

The stock design is comfortable for either right or left handed shooters, and the shrouded barrel serves two purposes as a cocking aid and a noise reduction device. Included with the Nitro Piston rifle is a Centerpoint scope and mounts.

Crosman has been doing an exceptional job with creating affordable airguns in categories which were previously dominated by expensive options. If you were thinking about getting a gas ram airgun, the Nitro Piston line is not only affordable, but seems to be an excellent value for the investment.

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