FX Verminator Extreme Kit

Taking airgunning to the “EXTREME”, FX Airguns yet again revolutionizes the industry with an amazing new product!  The FX Verminator Extreme kit includes a shrouded pellet barrel with included shroud extension for quiet and ultra-accurate pellet shooting.  But, what makes this model unique is that is also comes with a quick change barrel design, AND a special barrel which allows the use of custom arrows!  The rifle uses air to launch arrows with the same ultra-accurate precision at a tested range of 50 yards and beyond. The kit is available in either .22 or .25 caliber, and both include the arrow accessories and 4 arrows.  Once you handle the Verminator Extreme, you will quickly see how amazing this design works, and practical and fun ways to use this rifle will begin to flood your mind! This new kit from FX may very well be the most FUN airgun currently in production!

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