Daystate Rangemaster .25 Pellets

Daystate has developed an entirely new .25 caliber pellet design in the Rangemaster product range. With the Daystate Air Ranger 80 ft/lb rifle switching over from .223 caliber rimfire barrel to a more common .25 caliber airgun barrel, Daystate sat down with a leading British pellet designer and came out with the Rangemaster “TWENTYFIVE”. Weighing in at a mere 36 grains, these pellets will perform exceptionally well at Magnum power levels. While they may shoot with some success in spring powered rifles, Daystate recommends them in magnum precharged rifles like the Air Ranger 80 ft/lb version. Just as Daystate is proud to offer an entirely British-made line of air rifles, they are equally proud to offer their Rangemaster pellets, which are also “Made in England“. Quality pellets from the company who leads the British airgun industry!

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