Daystate Rangemaster Pellets – Ballistically Superior By Design

Expanding the Rangemaster pellet line, Daystate has added conventional .177 and .22 pellets which have been highly developed and tested to be ballistically more efficient than the pellets currently available. The new Rangemaster HE pellets are not just another rebranded pellet made under several badges. While the general accuracy is no better than the best pellets already being sold, the advantage comes in downrange accuracy under less than ideal conditions. Because of their superior design, the new Daystate Rangemaster High Energy pellets retain velocity better than conventional pellets, and give better results in windy conditions. UK writer, Nigel Allen, published an article entitled WIND CHEATER, a 3-page pellet review in the Airgunner magazine, describing in better detail the major advantages of the Daystate Rangemaster pellets.

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