Crosman Premier Pellets – From Box to Tin

New Style Premier .22 in the TinEffective immediately, Crosman has switched over from packaging the Premier .22 pellets in a 625 count brown box to packaging in a 500 count tin. Based on our visual inspection, the pellets are exactly the same, and the weights match up. However, what is lost is the fact that the boxed pellets are Die numbered, which means they are batched. The tins, like all of the Premier tins, are not batched in Die numbers. While the hardcore target shooters may be able to distinguish the difference, most average shooters will notice no difference in accuracy. The good news is that the new packaging costs less per pellet. We have them in available now.
Old Style Premier .22 in the Cardboard Box
For those who still want the boxed Premier .22, we were able to secure 300 boxes of the last available inventory. These are in stock now at the time of this news release, so act fast to secure your pellets. At best we can tell, Crosman will not make them in batched Die numbers again.

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