Weihrauch HW35E – The Last “CLASSIC”

If you are an airgunner of many years like each of us here, you have been around long enough to see a change in the build style and types of airguns made today. While many airguns are extremely nice today, they all lack that classic look and style of the past. That is, with one exception…

A highly experienced factory located in Mellrichstadt, Germany is responsible for designing and building many classic-sporting airguns. In the early years they were imported by Air Rifle Headquarters as HW models, and then by Robert Beeman in years to follow. Like many of the other “classics” these rifles have been taken out of production, with the blame placed on cost to build and low demand. Aside from the used market, these “classics” are not available for purchase, save one, the Weihrauch HW35E.

The Classic Weihrauch HW35E AirgunSporting a very classic walnut stock, complete with grooved fore end, a white line spacer and grip cap as well as checkered grip panels, the Weihrauch HW35E is the last “classic”. So, what makes is so special? The HW35E sports a barrel lock-up device that was common in the early years to provide a break barrel spring gun with the strength and rigidity needed for competitive shooting. Popular models from the past that utilized this same concept were the Weihrauch HW55 and the Walther LG55 as well as many others. Weihrauch HW35E Breech With Lock UpToday you do not see this design in use, as break barrel spring guns are now categorized as hunting rifles, not competitive rifles. The HW35E also has a precision-machined rear cylinder cap that is threaded into the spring cylinder rather than pinned in place.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to purchase and own a modern “classic” while they are still available. Judging by the pattern shown in all spring gun factories, quantity, not quality, is steering their production, and very few quality factories, like Weihrauch, are still building spring rifles.

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  1. Bill Thorne Says:

    Hi Guys, As I was surfing the website I read the article about the HW35E. I didn’t know they were still being made. I have an old model HW35 also a HW55m I got from Air Rifle Headquarters. I live in central WV, so it was a short drive to the warehouse in Grantsville WV. It was a sad day to see a local company go out of business.
    Bill T.

  2. Jim Says:

    I just purchased the HW35E from AOA. What an amazing air rifle. Top notch quality throughout. Accuracy on par with any springer, and beauty as well. If you like classics, you will want one of these.

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