Air Conserving Pumper – The Benjamin 392ACP

Springer Quiet, First-Class Sporter Trigger, and Full Power from 3 Pumps

Developed by Steve Woodward, the Benjamin ACP takes pump-up rifles to the next level. Utilizing unique Air-Conserving-Pumper (ACP) technology , the AoA Benjamin ACP requires less than half the pumping to achieve full power than the standard model. By installing a proprietary Hammer-Debounce-Device (HDD) in combination with other modifications, the usually wasteful pumper valve is made to conserve and recycle most of the stored air over and over, shot after shot. Charge and fire the rifle just once with the usual 8 full-power pump strokes, then subsequent shots require only 3 recharge strokes (on average) to achieve the same constant full power. This drastically reduces the shooter’s time and effort between shots, allowing more shooting and less pumping. Accuracy also improves, because constant power means a constant MV and a consistent trajectory for the pellet. Plus, less air expenditure means less noise, so air conservation greatly reduces muzzle blast compared to a standard Benjamin’s. To keep the rifle simple to use, the ACP incorporates an automatic pressure sensor device. This prevents both overcharging and undercharging the rifle – important because either one can cause power loss. Simply pump until the pressure sensor protrudes from beneath the stock, signalling that the rifle is fully charged, then load and shoot. Besides the innovative ACP valve design, the reknowned SuperSear trigger is also installed, improving the factory trigger geometry and providing a true 2-stage trigger with dramatically reduced pull weight and creep.

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