Daystate Wolverine 303 HiLite!

June 2nd, 2014 by Airguns of Arizona Staff

Daystate Wolverine 303 Hi-Lite

Scope and mounts not included

Daystate listens to the US demands and is proud to release the new Daystate Wolverine 303 HiLite!  Merging the hungry 303 caliber into the bottle fed system of the lower caliber rifles, Daystate increases the appeal by changing out the aluminum air bottle for a lightweight carbon fiber unit. These upgrades take the Wolverine 303 and add Higher shot count (Hi) and Lighter weight (Lite) to form the Wolverine 303 HiLite.

Daystate wins 50M Open Benchrest Title!

May 6th, 2014 by Airguns of Arizona Staff

The 2014 US National 50M Open Benchrest championship was won by Kip Perow using a stock Daystate Air Wolf MCT in .22 caliber. Kip out-shot the best of the best with a score of 673 out of 750. Well done Kip, and kudos to Daystate! In a competition filled with custom machined rifles, hand made barrels, and some of the most leading edge technologies, Kip shot his bone-stock Daystate Air Wolf MCT rifle with such precision that he finished with a 30 point lead over the 2nd place competitor!

Walther LGV

September 30th, 2013 by Airguns of Arizona Staff

We have added the standard models of the Walther LGV Challenger and Walther LGV Master.  These variants are the same exceptional quality of the precision made LGV’s, but come at a HUGE discount in price!  We have a good supply in stock now, but we are pretty certain that once they are sold out, this amazing price is gone for good!



You’d better act fast while this special is available!  The Walther LGV is everything a precision German-made spring rifle should be, and then some! Click here to read more of these Walther LGV’s and the other models available.

FX Bobcat and Indy

August 8th, 2013 by Airguns of Arizona Staff

The new FX Bullpups have arrived and are very impressive!

FX BobcatThe FX Bobcat is an amazing performer in .22, .25 and also .30 caliber!!! It carries the full power and features of a long rifle, but in a short and compact design. More FX Bobcat details here.

FX Indy

The FX Indy is likely the best survival airgun design built today! It includes a built-in pump and is available in .22, .25 or the powerful .30 caliber. More FX Indy details here.

Daystate Scout – Limited Edition – USA Exclusive

July 9th, 2013 by Airguns of Arizona Staff

When it comes to Daystate Limited Edition models, the US tends to get short supply and sometimes skipped due to the high demand from the UK home market.  But don’t you worry, we pull some weight here at AOA, and nearly two decades of close relationship has its benefits!  Working together with the factory, we co-developed the latest Limited Edition model, the Daystate Scout rifle, and the entire production run of 50 units is reserved completely for the US market.

Daystate Huntsman Scout

So, order yours now, and feel free to brag to the Brits as the new Daystate Scout is a true envy of all Limited Edition Daystate rifles to date!

FX Returns From the Italian Taylor!

July 5th, 2013 by Airguns of Arizona Staff

How do you make something great even greater? Well, FX continues to ask and answer this question!  Introducing the new FX Italian-made Walnut stock…and they are ambidextrous.  Many of you Southpaws complained and fellow-lefty owner/designer, Fredrik Axelsson of FX listened! Designs were completed and these beauties are in full production from the renowned stock-maker, Minelli of Italy. The design includes 4 full panels of detailed stippling, a finished grip cap, and an adjustable butt pad. The Royale series never looked so good! See for yourself:

FX Royale 400 Walnut

FX Royale 400 Walnut

FX Royale 500 Walnut

FX Royale 500 Walnut

FX Boss Walnut

FX Boss Walnut

Check out all the FX Products Here!

FX Bullpups are getting close!

May 22nd, 2013 by Airguns of Arizona Staff

We have been in communication with FX Airguns, sharing thoughts and feedback about the new line of Bullpup airguns.  Needless to say, we are very excited about the new models, which will set the new standard in Bullpup airguns! In case you haven’t seen the images of the final production models, here you go:


FX Bobcat with optional FX Scope

 The FX Bobcat is the first Bullpup design from the world-renowned Swedish airgun manufacture.  The genius designer has incorporated the most highly regarded features into the design, like a shrouded barrel, extended scope rail for ample mounting surface, a comfortable cheek piece and ergonomic stock design, built-in pressure gauge, and a repeating mechanism with spare magazine holder in the stock. FX took the concept to reality to meet the demands of the Bullpup market with the new FX Bobcat.  Coming Soon!

FX Indy

FX Indy Arrow Firing model with optional FX Scope

Adapted from the Bobcat bullpup design, the Indy is the ultimate in survival airguns!  The convenience of a precharged airgun with the self-contained Independence pump on board which enables the shooter to keep a consistent supply of air without external pumps or tanks.  The Indy Arrow Firing model utilizes FX’s proven design to air power an arrow at similar spec to a cross-bow and the unique design of the FX Indy has a built-in quiver which holds two spare arrows for quick and easy reloading. Whether you intend to target practice or take small to medium sized game animals, the Indy will perform nicely! Coming soon!

The Webley Rebel…now in .22 Caliber!

April 1st, 2013 by Airguns of Arizona Staff

Continuing with being first, Airguns of Arizona is proud to offer the .22 Caliber version of the amazing Webley Rebel multi-pump rifle! Designed after a popular Japanese model that is no longer available, the new Rebel is an affordable multi-pump airgun with the advantages of no recoil and variable power levels. The Rebel sports an ambidextrous stock and adjustable open sights. The single shot breech is easy and fast to load. For more information, and pricing to order, click here.

Walther continues the legacy…the Walther LGV

December 4th, 2012 by Airguns of Arizona Staff

Whether you share in the interest of the vintage spring piston airguns or just appreciate a modern airgun built to the highest standards, the new Walther LGV line of rifles is right for you!  Built with modern innovation, giving respect to the brand name and quality expectations, Walther has developed a new line of spring rifles bearing the legacy name of LGV.  No corners were cut when designing this rock solid airgun, and you will be impressed to learn that this is a modern rifle, despite its resemblance to rifles built in decades past.  The Walther LGV looks and feels as if Walther found ways to make the design stronger and higher quality, which is a refreshing take on modern spring gun manufacturing.

Walther LGVClick Here for More Details!

There’s a new Boss at FX Airguns!

November 15th, 2012 by Airguns of Arizona Staff

Not to worry, there is no change in management, but there is a new Boss at the factory, and this rifle is worthy of its title!

Boasting a proud resume with some fine qualities, the new FX Boss has assumed control of the large bore pellet rifle interest!  This .30 caliber rifle shoots with 78 ft/lbs of authority, the smooth twist barrel ensures repeatable accuracy, and the precision regulator maintains consistent velocity for upwards of 40 shots per fill of the 500cc bottle.  The magazine holds an arsenal of 9 .30 pellets, and the barrel is fitted with a moderator that turns this powerhouse into a quiet, neighbor-friendly airgun.

In its first competition on market, the FX Boss beat all other brands and models, taking 1st place in the 2012 Extreme Benchrest, 75-Yard competition, with 3 of the top 5 places taken with this amazing new rifle as well. So, don’t take our word for how well this rifle performs, the proof is in the match results!

To see more about the new CEO of the FX lineup, click here for details on the FX Boss .30 pellet rifle.