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Daystate Regal XL Guide

Daystate Regal XL Guide

Ultimate Guide to the Huntsman Regal XL by Daystate Ltd

The Daystate Regal XL is a great hunting air rifle for small game that will give years of pleasure and enjoyment to its owner, not just as a tool but as a heirloom-quality luxury product.

- Dan Johnson, Hard Air Magazine

Designed by a people known for royalty and empire, it is no surprise that the Daystate Regal XL is both elegant and majestic. If you had to choose one modern precharged airgun to define the word “classic” it would have to be the Daystate Huntsman Regal XL. And it makes sense that it comes from Daystate, given their long history as pioneers of the modern precharged airguns.

To understand the Regal XL, you should look to its ancestry and you will quickly see a resemblance to the first rifles produced by the Daystate factory. Gone are the old brass cylinders, swan neck bolts, single shot breeches and lumber yard stocks, but the core design still maintains that old-world charm which dates back nearly 30 years. These decades of consistently producing airguns have brought with them an evolution of refinement, and near perfection of every aspect that makes the World’s Finest Airguns!

What started originally as the Midas, then Huntsman Mk1 and 2, then Harrier, then X2, and then Huntsman Classic, is now perfected in the Huntsman Regal XL! Through refinement in design Daystate has ticked all the boxes in a true classic!


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Daystate Huntsman Regal XL Huma Regulated
A match winning level of consistent velocity and accuracy.
Daystate Huntsman Regal XL
The Huntsman Regal XL is a traditional rifle designed for high power...

Daystate Huntsman Regal XL

Daystate Huntsman Regal XL

Daystate Huntsman Regal XL

The Daystate Huntsman Regal XL action has a silky, smooth black finish which is free from any signs of metalwork machining. Don't dismiss that remark, it is actually the first thing you notice when picking up this beautiful rifle. The lines are super clean and Daystate shows high regard in the finish of their product.  The action starts with a contoured breech block which holds a 10-shot magazine or single shot tray, both of which are included with the Regal XL. The entire length of the breech assembly is capped with an 11mm scope rail for maximum space to mount up a variety of scope configurations.

Daystate Regal XL Bolt and Safety

Daystate Regal XL Bolt Handle and Safety

The cocking bolt is a traditional teardrop lever that is comfortable and stylish in high gloss chrome.  Lifting up and pulling back, the cocking arm is smooth and a firm pull rearward cocks the rifle and you get a clean click as the magazine indexes the pellet.  The pellet probe which pushes the pellet into the barrel contains the o-ring which seals the air pressure.  This is a handy feature because breech seals on PCP rifles wear out over time, and Daystate placing it on the bolt makes changing this o-ring very convenient.  Should a seal wear out while in the field, it would be a tool free task to replace it, and that’s a useful feature for a classic sporting rifle.

Daystate Regal XL Bolt Probe O-Ring

Daystate Regal XL Bolt Probe O-Ring

Once loaded and ready to fire, the Regal XL has a highly adjustable trigger that comes setup from the factory with a light and smooth first stage that comes to a firm wall.  The second stage breaks crisp and clean at 18 ounces for a predictable, safe, yet easy to control trigger.  The blade itself is also beautifully contoured and finished in high gloss chrome.  The safety is completely manual, and toggles easily on and off with your thumb while comfortably maintaining your shooting position.

Daystate Regal XL Adjustable Trigger

Daystate Regal XL Adjustable Trigger

Forward, the pellet travels through a quality Lothar-Walther barrel which is wrapped in a full barrel shroud to reduce the noise, and capped off with a Daystate Reflex silencer that takes the crack of air down to a subtle puff that is backyard friendly.  The shroud is anchored securely to the air cylinder by a band, ensuring that your barrel is not knocked around in the field.

Daystate Regal XL Reflex Moderator

Daystate Reflex Moderator

The Daystate Huntsman Regal XL sits inside a gorgeous Italian-made walnut stock, elegantly styled to be comfortable and attractive with a raised cheekpiece that can be had in either right or left hand configurations.  In fact, the left hand version is matched with a fully left hand bolt along with the Southpaw cheekpiece.  The rubber ventilated buttpad is not needed for recoil, but does add to the classic look.  Four panels of precision laser checkering and a classy “R” designates the Regal namesake and provides comfort and grip for steady control.

Daystate Regal XL Elegant Sporter Stock

Daystate Regal XL Elegant Sporter Stock

The high power model designed specifically for the US market is identified by its 162cc extended air cylinder that gives the Regal its “XL” name.  It fills by removing the front dust cover, which exposes the Foster-style quick fill port.  Snap on the easy to use quick disconnect fitting and you are ready to refill to the recommended 3200 psi pressure. Under the stock is a clearly labeled pressure gauge to reference where you are in your state-of-charge.

Daystate Regal XL Pressure Gauge

Daystate Regal XL Pressure Gauge

There has been a growing interest in regulators, as many new brands are coming with regulators as standard.  Generally, this is the case because it is easier to regulate the pressure than it is to refine and build a valve capable of doing the same.  Daystate is not behind the curve in this area, as they once used regulators in particular models. They have since moved away from regulators in more recent designs to maintain simplicity and trouble-free longevity.  The reason Daystate has been able to make this change is that Daystate has perfected the knock-open valve itself.  Working with valve expert, Steve Harper, Daystate has incorporated a Harper-Patented valve and hammer design, they call “Slingshot”.  Rather than relying on a finicky regulator, Daystate’s Regal XL gets a flat and consistent shot string, boasting 45 shots at 29-31 ft/lbs from its tiny 162cc air cylinder:

Daystate Regal XL .22 Shot String

The Regal XL gets high marks in beauty, excellent performance in consistency and power, but what about the all-important accuracy department? Does 20+ years in designing perfection with the Daystate Huntsman Regal XL live up to expectations with accuracy as well?  YES, with equal beauty downrange on the paper as you hold on the bench!  Here is an example of the groups at 25 yards that you can expect to shoot time after time:

Daystate Regal XL .22 25-Yard Group

And further out the Regal XL still impresses with consistent groups like this:

Daystate Regal XL .22 50-Yard Group

Stylish lines and beautiful components throughout, the Daystate Huntsman Regal XL is equally a work of art as much as a practical airgun!  The refined touches of perfection throughout make it a piece you will take pride in owning. Chances are quite high that you’ll catch a glimpse of your beaming smile in the subtle touches of high gloss chrome adorning the classic Daystate Hunstman Regal XL!

Daystate Huntsman Regal XL

Daystate Huntsman Regal XL