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Airgun Calculators

Handy tools to convert velocity to energy and back again!

Calculate Energy:

Enter the velocity of your rifle in feet per second, and the weight of your pellet in grains to calculate the energy of your airgun at the tested range.

Pellet Velocity: (in fps) Pellet Weight: (in grains)

Calculate Velocity:

Enter the known energy level of the airgun in foot pounds, along with the pellet weight in grains to calculate the velocity in feet per second.

Muzzle Energy: (in ft/lbs) Pellet Weight: (in grains)

If the forms above do not run on your computer, you can always calculate these figures manually.

Energy is calculated as follows:

Velocity (fps) * Velocity (fps) * Pellet Weight (grains) / 450240 = Energy (ft/lbs)

Velocity is calculated as follows:

The square root of (Energy (ft/lbs) * 450240 / Pellet Weight (grains)) = Velocity (fps)

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