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Introduction and welcome!

Posted by on August 30, 2012

   I’d like to welcome you here to the new airgun hunting blog being hosted by Airguns of Arizona. As you all know, there is already a great AoA blog that covers a wide range of Airgun related topics written by Jock Elliot. But as its name implies, this new blog will focus on all aspects of Airgun hunting; reviews of hunting techniques, quarry, locations, guns, projectiles, and ancillary gear used out in the field. We’ll cover it all.
   I hunt big and small game, predators, and varmint with airguns from just about every manufacturer on the market and am always trying new gear, we’ll be hunting in different locations around the country with some really great guys, and I believe there will be something of interest for everyone. It’s also worth a mention that even though this blog is hosted by Airguns of Arizona, they have given me the latitude to write about anything I’d like. This means we’ll be able to provide an unbiased look at the world of airgun hunting!

   A couple things about me up front; my name is Jim Chapman and I live in the Midwest, but grew up in California. I lived in Europe for many years, where I got serious about air powered shooting, and bounced around Asia and Australia a few years before coming home. My wife is South African, so we return to the Cape just about every year and do a lot of hunting there as well. I have a regular column and write feature articles for Predator Xtreme magazine, and write freelance articles for Fur-Fish-Game, Airgun Hobbyist, along with an occasional series in the UK based Airgun Shooters magazine as well. These give me a structured outlet for writing, but I want this blog to be more like a group of buddies sitting around shooting the breeze after a day in the field, more relaxed and interactive.
   Regarding hunting in general, I wingshoot, use firearms and bow hunt as well, but my passion is Airgun hunting! As mentioned, I use airguns on all types of game, but probably my favorite is the small stuff and predators because you get so much shooting in! I don’t think the size of the quarry has a linear relationship to the challenge or fun it provides.
   As far as gun preference; I believe every shooter has their individual criteria for what constututes a great gun, and believe every opinion is just as valid. For that reason I don’t make specific recommendations on what you should buy, but if I write about it I think it is worthy of the short list……. and I will give you my opinions. If I don’t like a gun or product and wouldn’t carry it on a hunt, I won’t write about it. I don’t love every gun I’ll write about, but if it’s in the blog I think it can get the job done. That goes for the other gear we’ll talk about as well. So that’s enough house keeping, now that we’ve had a brief introduction I’ll kick off with the first entry!

10 Responses to Introduction and welcome!

  1. Oscar

    Congratulations on the new blog, which only makes me green with envy. I live in Florida, where airgun hunting is totally prohibited by law. Keep the good work.
    Best regards

    • Oscar

      Hi Jim, you are absolutely right about airgun hunting in private lands, but very difficult to get a permission. Thanks for your response.

      • Jim Chapman

        Hi Oscar,
        I got currious after your post and looked at the Florida regs. They talk about unprotected bird species that can be taken, but didn’t see anywhere that prohibited airguns for pest control. Did you contact enforcement, is it written somewhere that I missed, or were you told by a warden that they were prohibited?

        • Oscar

          Regarding your question on airguns: Florida law does not say airguns are ilegal, but it does not say they are legal, either. According to Florida Fish and Game (I am a journalist with a major metropolitan newspaper and was writing a piece on the subject), it is something they are discussing, but limited to rabbit and squirrel (fine with me!). I know for a fact tha much depends on the your attitude and the warden knowledge or the rule and how you answer his/her questions, but I simply do not want them to take away my rifle. Hopefully all this will be sorted out soon.
          Best regards

          • Jim Chapman

            Those gray areas in the regulations are alway sticky points. Many people across the country have told me that their states laws don’t prohibit airguns for hunting, so they feel free to use them. That carries risk of a citation or gear confiscation if the warden stopping to check your license dissagrees, as you point out. Many jurisdictions such as California and Virginia explicitly state airguns are permited and spell out for what game. Texas on the other hand says in the Regs that they can’t be used for game animals (such as squirrel and deer) but can be used for non game species ( rabbit, predators, hogs for instance). Pennsylvania is the only state I know of that explicitly prohibits Airguns for hunting, and I know groups are working to change this. I suggest that in states not clearly spelling out airguns are an allowed method of take, you don’t just go on your own interpretation or take a wardens word for it as then next might have a different view, but get a letter from your wildlife managements enforcement arm to carry along with your license when hunting.

    • Jim Chapman

      Thanks for the welcome Oscar, I think that you can hunt with airguns on private land in Florida, unless I am unaware of recent changes. But we’ll get in some information on other states in your region where you might also be able to hunt.

  2. mike

    Living here in Texas, can be a bit confusing. Some Counties have no closed season on the squirrels, (In other words, not considered a game animal in said counties), while other Counties do have a season.
    If causing damage, they may be considered a pest if I read the law right.


    • Jim Chapman

      Hi Mike,
      That’s my understanding as well…. No game animals with an Airgun. That gives you predators, varmint, hogs, feral goats and exotics, but that’s a lot of hunting. I travel to Texas a few times every year to hunt and it’s my favorite for predator hunting. Rabbits, including cottontail and jackrabbits are not game and can be hunted with airguns. As mentioned wild pigs are OK ( non-game) but javelina are not (they are game). And tree squirrels, like you say, depend on where you are (depends on county)and what they’re doing (pest vs small game). Ground squirrels are always ok to shoot with airguns. It’s important to know the game laws wherever you are, I always read the regs before buying my licenses when hunting out of state.

  3. chip sayre

    jim see you are having a good season and a lot of fun.How many shots did kip take before he hit one of those 100yd dogs with fx pistol.Really like the looks of the 25 cal verminator will call kip to see if he can change my 22 gladitor to that gun. Added a wolverine to the collection and have a 30 cal fx on the way.Wanting to get a mk4 soon. Charles has one and loves it; his go to gun. Im having a good hunting season so far; shot one deer with daq muzzle loader. Looking forward to hunting with 45 ranger very soon.Got to go now and cook some deer tenderloin talk to you soon

    • Jim Chapman

      Hi Chip,
      Sounds like your having a good run yourself! I’d like to say Kip had to take several shots, but the fact is that he was real consistent when the winds were down. Sorry I Didn’t get the chance to hunt with you guys this year, maybe we can do the prairie dog shoot next spring?? You and Charles try not to buy up all the airguns, you guys have put together some great collections.

      The .25 caliber FX Verminator is probably one of my favorite varmint hunting guns right now. I’ll be posting more on it soon, but the performance and the versatility are impressive.

      I also think the 30s are very cool, just right for predators. I shot the FX Boss at the Extreme Benchrest meet in Tucson last week, it is very accurate and very (for a big bore) quiet in an ergonomic package. The boys at both FX and Daystate are giving us some interesting options.

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