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Welcome to AOA’s Hunting Blog!

Posted by on August 29, 2012

Welcome to Airguns of Arizona’s Hunting Blog! We are excited to share weekly stories of hunting related topics which showcase the ethical use of airguns for hunting legal game. Moreover, we are pleased to be joined by a well-known freelance writer, Jim Chapman. We have given him the floor, and he will guide you through his awesome adventures, hunting the world with air rifles and pistols. We hope you are equally as excited to have such an experienced writer offering up a weekly read.


Airguns of Arizona

13 Responses to Welcome to AOA’s Hunting Blog!

  1. Matt

    I just would like to know what is the most powerful air gun I can purchase. Quite frankly, I need the equivalent of at least High Velocity .22 Short Rimfire in a rifle or I am not interested in switching from rimfire to airguns. I am intrigued with airguns as survival tools since I can buy a pellet mould and make my own pellets from molten lead/tin and not be concerned with running out of powder or primer.
    The Louis & Clark expedition took an air gun along and reported it stopped bears reliably; this is what I have in mind, this kind of power is useful.
    I hope your advice is not too much to ask…..

    • Jim Chapman

      Hi Matt,
      There are a couple ways to answer this question, if you want the most powerful air rifles around your looking at one of the limited production guns in a major caliber like a Quackenbush .457. This is the Type of gun I’ve used to hunt big game in the USA and Africa, but they have a low shot count and too much power for many applications. I only use guns like this for big game hunting.
      If you want something more in line with a rimfire, a new gun I’ve just tried that is worth a look is the Daystate 303, which shoots a .303 pellet generating about 100 fpe and is good for coyote sized game. I was recently shooting jackrabbits out past 100 yards with this gun.
      There are several PCP guns from FX, Daystate, AirForce and others putting out in the 40-60 fpe range that will anchor varmint and small game out to 100 yards. You can also use these guns to headhoot larger predators in the the 50 yards range. Most are a little less powerful, but they tend to be a whole lot more accurate than most rimfires.
      BTW: Pellets are so inexpensive that you might just stock up on the ones that shoot best out of the gun you choose.

  2. David Lloydlee

    Hey, Matt.

    I hunt with Airguns. I still own a few Firearms (mostly small caliber) but choose to hunt almost exclusively with air power.

    I have taken large Game including Deer and Black Bear, Quickly, without the need to track them, as they normally only go a few yards, after being hit with 400 and 500+grain bullets. Many times they fall over exactly where they were standing. The trick is simple: my High power Bigbore airguns deliver a massive bullet to the exact point of aim, instantly stopping the Heart, without generating an adrenalin rush.

    I used to use a 300Win.Mag and a 270 Short Mag. but got real tired of tracking Deer for hours. In the last 4 years, since I have used only Air-power, I have only one occasion where I took aim at a Deer that didn’t fall within sight (I missed due to my error in misreading mill-dots in the scope)

    The neatest thing is when I actually saw the bullet impact @ 85 yards through a 24Xmag scope. I knew the Doe was dead on her feet, before she did, I knew that I had taken out her Heart, then she wobbled, took a couple steps, wobbled again, and fell over.

    I also have many small bore airguns that I use for Competition Target matches, and I also hunt Squirrel, Rabbit, Groundhog, Raccoon, Crow, and other small game with .22 and .25 cal airguns. some are self contained spring guns, others are either CO2 or High pressure air. Again the fun part is when you can place a shot exactly where you aim, with very little sound (relative to gun powder) and with virtually no recoil.

    With all that said, there are some drawbacks with air power: If a Firearm miss-fires, you throw the cartridge away, and load another, but when an airgun miss-fires, many times you need to rebuild the gun to some degree. Some airguns can not be kept loaded, and ready to fire for extended time. Then there are some that need to constantly be refilled with air, and the high pressure air filling apparatus cost as much, or more than the gun. (3000psi)

    Almost forgot, my Match pistol will take bugs in flight.
    Supper accurate, no recoil, quiet, and I get to shoot at the house, even if the children are sleeping.

    Don’t just run out and buy the first well advertized air-gun. Do your research.

    I hope this was helpful, cheers, David.

    • Jim Chapman

      Hi David,
      Good to see you here. I’m right there with you on using big bores for big game. On a trip over to Africa a couple years back I broke my ankle right before the trip, and couldn’t spot and stalk to get up close like I normally do when using airguns. Instead we’d spot from the truck, I’d limp along for a half mile or mile to get to a shooting position, then use my 30-06 at 200-300 yards instead of 50-60….. Felt like I was cheating.

      You got one of the two NA animals left that I want to take with my big bore Airgun when you shot your bear ( my other is a Mountain lion). Look forward to hearing how you do this year.

  3. Jay Piety


    I have read alot of your articles on airgun hunting and shooting. I really enjoy your work. I noticed you live in Carmel, IN. I live up the road in Westfield. I was wondering if you knew of any ranges close by that support field target and/or airgun shooting, or have an airgun club? I have a small range in my backyard which butts up to a few acres of woods up to Cool Creek, but am always looking for others that enjoy the sport. I recently got my brother interested and it has been a lot of fun.



    • Jim Chapman

      Hi Jay,
      You’re right next door,I just drove by cool creek park ten minutes ago! Thanks for the kind words, I have a lot of fun writing up these hunts. For almost ten years I’ve shot behind an industrial building off US32, but it’s recently changed ownership and can’t shoot there anymore. I was trying to set up an Airgun shoot (FT and Benchrest) at the paintball grounds in Sheridan a few miles north. The owner is very interested in providing the facilities (and air) for an event. The problem for me is that just as we started to discuss it, work issues arose and I just don’t have time to organize it now. There seem to be a lot of Airgunners in the area, but no formal clubs that I know of. If its something you might be interested in organizing thing, I could send you some contact info.

      I was squirrel hunting up in Missinewa this morning, lots of public land with game up there if you’re interested in hunting.

  4. Jay Piety

    Thanks Jim,

    I would definitely be interested in your contact information. I’ve been wanting to put something together for a while, even if it is just a day of target shooting with other like-minded individuals.

    You have my e-mail,



  5. seniorizmir

    Hi Mr. Chapman,

    Hope you are fine.I have a few shotguns including a 12 ga and a .410, and I am also hunter. I like small calibers. Also fun of AirGunning and reading your marvelous hunting stories.Before I used a few springers in .22 and a PCP also.I decided to purchase Daystate AR 80 FAC (Now it is called AR Extreme ) .25 and it is really monster.But none of the moderator stops the sound but my friend will make custom one.I’ve chosen SamYang 43.2 grain pellets for hunting and for FT 31.02 grains RWS Barracuda (first 5 shot between 1100-1150 fps with) and planning to hunt predator , fox.
    Have you ever tried that gun AR 80 .25 for hunting Coyote ,Bobcat, Turkey,Goose etc. from 100-150 m or more?Is it possible if you have chance to try it via AOA?

    • Jim Chapman

      I like the shotguns as well, and when I’m not behind an airgun am out for birds with one of my scatter guns. I have not used that Daystate rifle, but the specs you give would be good for all the game you mention. Personally I would keep shots inside of 75-100 yards, but it’s really up to you to decide what you feel comfortable with. Love those Daystates guns though, every one I’ve shot has been a gem. Glad you enjoy the blog, I appreciate the fact it lets me speak to other airgunners!

  6. Brian

    Good morning,Iam in ny and would love to come hunt those doves with a pellet gun do you offer hunts?If so pricing,lodging?Thank you

    • Jim Chapman

      Hi Brian, I am going to pass this along to Kip over at Airguns only Adventures (part of AOA that sets up hunts), as he has great connections for these shoots.

  7. Sha

    Hi, i recently bought 457 custom air rifle and am having a hard time finding a guided hunting trip for deer that would allow air rifles.
    Do you guys have any suggestions?

    • Jim Chapman

      A lot of the guiding sevrvices in Texas will let you hunt with airguns now that the laws have changed. Just tell them you want to shoot at somewhere a bit further than bow range and many can set you up. What state are you based in?

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