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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Airguns & Long Range Shooting

Because they produce much less power, hunting ranges with airguns tend to be closer than when a firearm is used. A common question I’m asked is “how far can a hunter stretch out with any given airgun”?  The answer depends on the type of airgun being used and what the intended target is. Popping steel … Continue reading »

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Of Benchrest Competitions and Shooting Sticks

This week I would like to touch on two items; first a quick word about an upcoming airgunning competition being held in Southern Arizona, where shooters from the USA and Europe will vie for bragging rights and prizes for long range shooting! Second, I’d like to take a look at one of the most useful pieces … Continue reading »

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Predator Hunting: the Airgunners Grand Slam

Like so many hunters in North America, I spend a lot of time out in the field after predators. Unlike the vast majority, I prefer to go after them with airguns rather than high power center fires. There are practical reasons, airguns can be used in areas where firearms can’t; because they are quieter, lower … Continue reading »

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Squirrel Season Opens in Most of the Country!

One of the things that gets my blood pumping as summer turns to fall, is the start of squirrel season. I had never seriously hunted the tree dwelling variety, but on moving to the Midwest about a decade ago found them to be a great small game species for airgun hunting. It was once said … Continue reading »

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