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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Prairie Dogs and Airguns … It doesn’t get much better!

I had a great 2012 season hunting prairie dogs this summer, and went after them in several states hitting them in Arizona, Texas, Kansas, South Dakota on several trips. I also got to use several guns ranging from the low end of the price spectrum to the elite models.What I really like about prairie dogging … Continue reading »

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On the Rabbit Trail!

Another one of those species I love to hunt with an airgun are rabbits, which from a global perspective are probably the most pursued quarry taken with airrifles. The Brits are fanatical bunny hunters, and even though we have a many more small game and pest species available here, we’re not too far behind! The … Continue reading »

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The Urban Hunter

The use of airguns for urban and suburban small game hunting and pest control is one of my favorite topics to write about. A key factor for the rise in popularity of these guns in North America is that increasing urbanization has resulted in less land available for traditional hunting pursuits. If you spend time around more built up … Continue reading »

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Hunting with Spring Piston Airguns

Hunting Airguns There has been a sustained growth in the North American airgun market over the last several years, which can be attributed to the growing popularity of airguns for small game hunting and pest control. Airguns are used extensively for hunting in many parts of the world, especially in regions where citizens are prohibited … Continue reading »

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