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One Gun That Can Do It All

Posted by on February 5, 2013

I’ve been hunting with a great PCP for about a year now, which has become one of my favorites based on the merits of an outstanding design. It is the FX Verminator Extreme, and mine is a .25 caliber……when not shooting arrows! The reasons I like this rifle so much are: it is exceedingly accurate (thanks to the smooth twist barrel), it is powerful and has adjustable power, it has a modular design, offers a high shot count, cycles smoothly, has a robust and reliable multi-shot magazine, with the moderator installed it is quiet ……. and did I mention it is ACCURATE!


The modular design coupled with the adjustable power has let me use the same gun to hunt pest birds around the barn to prairie dogs at 100 yards without making tradeoffs at either end of the range. When dialed down and dressed in the shroud extension this gun is a 12 fpe urban hunting machine that is quiet and dead accurate. When dialed up, I can routinely drop a pellet on a pdogs head at 100 yards, which will flip them backwards off the mound. And though no success yet, I will arrow a coyote this year if it’s the last thing I do. I misjudged a suburban dog a week ago, sending the bolt flying inches over it’s back from 35 yards away…….. Oh well, it gives me a purpose and will make the trophy that much better when I succeed!

The point is, the Verminator adapts to just about any situation/application, and does a fine job all around. I also like the fact that it has a takedown design, which in urban hunting situations allows me to slip it in a daypack and carry it onsite without calling attention to myself. I’ve also packed the rifle into my kayak and on my bike for a couple of outings, where the compact takedown design and large air volume are notable assets.


One day I spotted a stream of starlings flying in and out of a hole in the side of a metal outbuilding at an industrial complex. I’d been out looking for groundhogs and was carrying the Verminator. I hadn’t seen a whistle pig all day, so the starlings raised my interest, but I wouldn’t have risked damaging the building and loosing my shooting privilages. But with this gun… no problem….. I dialed down the power and went at it. I missed a couple of shots hitting the building, yet the errant pellets did no harm.


A few weeks later I was in Kansas on a prairie dog shoot, and once again carried the Verminator. On this trip the power was kept on high and when shooting off sticks, felt like I couldn’t miss. Some bottle stocked guns don’t feel quite right on the shoulder, and can be difficult to get a consistant mount with. The Verminator has good ergonomics, and provides a good sight alignment.


But the unique characteristic of this gun is that the Verminator Extreme kit comes with an arrow barrel and four carbon fiber bolts which fits over the barrel like a sleave, and achieves velocities in the 275 fps range. It is a simple and tool free procedure to swap between barrels.


Other News

You may have noticed that I’ve been late posting on the blog the last couple weeks, I am in the process of selling one house, buying another, and getting my family relocated. It’s played havoc with my hunting schedule this year, but when spring rolls around I’ll be relocated and set up just a few short hours from unlimited prairie dog, small game, and predator hunting with my airguns, not to mention big game and birds with my firearms and bow!


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