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Getting Ready for Spring/Summer Airgun Hunts

Posted by on March 12, 2013

It’s been a couple of busy months; new job, selling a house, buying another, and getting my family relocated up to the Minneapolis area. I married my wife in South Africa, we moved back to my native California, then up to Indianapolis, now Minneapolis…… her family thinks I’m taking their daughter on a slow march north to the artic circle! At any rate, we’re settled in and I’ve spent the better part of the last two weeks getting my new man cave in order and finding room for my extensive airgun/firearm/fishing/stuff I’ve collected along the way collection moved in. My wife gave me one of the spare bedrooms for this purpose, and I’m going to turn the large walkin closet into a gun room of sorts, and am currently thinking about a mounting system for the 100 plus airguns.


I’ll be taking a lot of last seasons favorites, like the Daystate Huntsman Classic, as well as many new guns out for rabbit and prairie dogs this spring/summer!

On the hunting side, my new home state has a lot to offer; bear, wolf, deer, turkey, grouse……. and lot’s of coyote! I’ve hit a couple of the bigger farms to ask if I could hunt their properties, and the farmer seem quite friendly and open to letting me predator hunt. I’m going to head out this weekend with a rifle (my Wolverine .303 if it arrives in time) to start scouting the areas, hopefully I’ll have some pics to post in the near fututre.

Another great thing about the new location is that I have contacts in South Dakota, made while up researching, hunting, and writing for Predator Xtreme, and I’m a 3-4 hour drive from some great hunting opportunities and lots of land to hunt. Besides scheduled pronghorn and whitetail trips this year, I’ll be going out for several coyote hunts and prairie dog shoots. I’ve written in this blog previously, prairie dogs and airguns go together like cookies and milk, you can’t get a better airgun specieis; lots of shooting, combination of careful near range stalking and long range sniper action, and it gives me the opportunity to evaluate and compare lots of guns, pellets, and gear in the field! Later this month I’m on my way to central S. Dakota, then Texas on a bobcat hunt, then Arizona for jackrabbit and prairie dogs and hopefully a chance to visit my friends at AoA.


My AoA hunting buddy Kip and I will be hitting the airgunning game hard in Arizona and South Africa. Really enjoyed hunting with him last year and look forward to what’s in store this year!

I’ll be spending a lot more time with the Daystate Wolverine and FX Boss .303’s for coyote, raccoons, and if I can get out to Cali or better yet Virginia to hunt with my buddies Chip and Charles, maybe use them for turkey as well. I’m seeing a lot of turkey around my new house, but you can’t take them with an airgun here……. I think I have a new cause here!

When it comes to varmint hunting, p-dogs, crows, pigeons, rockchucks, jackrabbits, etc, there are a lot of guns I’ll continue with this season; the FX Verminator .25 and the Daystate Huntsman Classic .22 became two of my favorites last year, but there are quite a few new pcp’s I’ll be running through as well. I also intend to use my springers a lot more as well. I go through cycles with these proven guns, but there are some outstanding new springers such as the Walther LGV, that I want to spend a lot of field time with. I had a chance to get some time with this gun while up filming for the upcoming season of the American Airgunner TV program, and I am impressed with this rifle.

While my main outlet is still writing for Predator Xtreme, Fish-Fur-Game, Airgun Hobbyist, and the UK Magazine Airgun Shooter (and of course the Blog!!), the opportunity to be involved on the broadcast side is a lot of fun. I recorded installments of “round table sessions” with host Rossi Morreale and fellow airgunners Tom Gaylord and Eutsler in which we discuss a variety of topics.


Sitting at the “Round Table” with (L-R) Rick, Rossi, me, and Tom. I’ll be getting some gun reviews and some hunts on air as well. We had a great time!

And last but not least, we’ll be heading out to South Africa in September where AoA’s Kip Perow and I will be hunting small game and big game with airguns, and will have a videographer along to capture the action. We’ll be meeting up with  AoA’s owner Robert Buchanan and FX’s big gun Fredrik Axelsson along the way (they’ll be at another location hunting) for a couple days of small game shooting…. so though it’s been a bit slow the last couple months, we’ll have a lot of airgun hunting action coming your way!


Can’t wait to see Robert, Kip, Fredrik and the guys I shot and hunted with last year at a number of stops along the way. We’ll get lots of

guns, gear, hunts, and action on the blog in coming months!

As a closing word, I’d like to thanks all of the readers and those of you that have sent emails and given your support of this blog. I never expected to have as much fun with it as I’m having…… I’ve had request for more on hunting with springers, for techniques to use on predators, on different hunting locations, and how to set up hunts or get started with airgun hunting and intend to cover these issues in detail in the coming weeks. If there is a topic you’d like me to cover, please shoot me an email and let me know.


7 Responses to Getting Ready for Spring/Summer Airgun Hunts

  1. Justin B

    Can you show us a picture of your whole airgun collection.

    • Jim Chapman

      Hi Justin; It’s a big collection (my wife says way too many guns….I say you can never have too many) that is spread out in several boxes in my basement and garage after our recent move. I have the 30 or so guns I use most already unpacked, and sometime over the weekend I’ll lay them out for a photo and post the (promised my daughter Mall of America today, and tonight I’m hunting). As you’ll see, it’s a pretty diverse group of guns.

  2. paul

    Welcome to the frozen north. I love to read your blog, always something interesting. I’d love to see some of your minnesota based hunts. Coyotes, yep the population has really grown the last 15 yrs. Hope you can get out and give them some hpa.

    • Jim Chapman

      Hi Paul;
      So far the focus has been on moving, and getting my airgun collection and writing room sorted out. Had to dig my snow camo out of the packing boxes, but am going out at dusk tonight to try calling (have to buy my MN license first). Hope to have some materials for my magazine commitments and the blog, on airgun hunts in the North country!
      BTW: Glad you enjoy the blog and thanks for taking the time to post.

  3. Chris

    Also moving into this region you MUST be aware of deer ticks and LYME Disease.
    On the plus side Morel season is soon to come.

    • Jim Chapman

      Thanks for the warning, I’ve been bitten by rattlers (twice), stung by scorpians, and chased by irritated boar, but as much as I like to be the great outdoorsman I scream like a little girl when a tick gets on me….. I’ll keep a sharp eye out 🙂

  4. Irwan Prayogi

    Nice i like hunt
    Daystate air gun is the best

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