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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Looking Through the Scope…

Most airgun hunters use a scope on their hunting rifles, and there are many choices available. In my earlier days I hunted more with open sites, but as my eyes age, I find a scope very valuable in picking up targets in less than optimal light conditions. Rifle scopes come in a wide range of … Continue reading »

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.25 Caliber- What do I really think?

I have several guns in .25 caliber, with both PCP and springers represented. I’ve used these guns to take squirrels, rabbits, prairie dogs, groundhogs, pigeons, crows, turkey, Guinea fowl, quail, pheasant, springhare, mongoose, hyrax, raccoons, ringtail cats, bobcat, fox, coyote…… by this time it’s safe to say I’ve shot a lot of game with guns … Continue reading »

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Hunting Airgun: Power Requirements

One of the most common questions asked by hunters when they start to use airguns is “how much power do I need to kill a rabbit, a coyote, a deer? Conscientious hunters want to make sure they are using enough gun to cleanly drop their prey. Hunters should try for the quickest, cleanest, and most … Continue reading »

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Extreme Bench Rest Follow Up!

I’d flown in for the EBR arriving in Phoenix late Thursday night, picked up my rifle at the baggage claim, jumped into a rental car, and headed off for Tucson. After a stop along the way, I checked out of my hotel and was on my way to Quail Creek with one of the best … Continue reading »

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FAQ: A Springer Or PCP For Hunting?

I know that many readers of this blog are experienced airgunners or airgun hunters, but I also get a lot of mail from those new to the sport. A question I’m often asked is, what gun is better to get started in airgun hunting, a spring piston or a PCP? As we know the prospective … Continue reading »

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