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Extreme Bench Rest Follow Up!

Posted by on November 12, 2013

I’d flown in for the EBR arriving in Phoenix late Thursday night, picked up my rifle at the baggage claim, jumped into a rental car, and headed off for Tucson. After a stop along the way, I checked out of my hotel and was on my way to Quail Creek with one of the best Airgun ranges I’ve ever seen.

Arriving at the range there was a lot of activity with the AoA contingency getting things set up.  AoA had supplied a filling station with a number of carbon fiber tanks on these really cool little wheeled caddies, and had one of their compressors on site to keep the air flowing!  Quail Creek Airgun club has 20 lanes each with a standardized shooting bench under (most stations) and awning. Each of the lanes is 75 yards, with tiles set at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards on which steel silhouettes can be placed for those reactive events, with portable stands that are positioned at 25 meters and 75 yards for target events, with targets and mounting supplies provided by the sponsors.


The AOA Airguns Only Adventures truck welcomed the shooters on to the range!


Shooters hanging out before being called to their shooting stations. This match was exceedingly well organized.


They rolled out the BBQ wagon and we tied on a feed. The food was great, and the ice cold coke didn’t hurt on the hot sunny day.

Several gun company representatives came and represented!! I love the fact that you get President/ CEO’s of companies that not only come, mix and talk with customers, but also compete. Tony Belas from Daystate (along with the beautiful new Wolverine B Type 35 fpe bottle forward design (more about that to come) and Fredrick Axelson from FX with his Bobcat bullpup, and Brad Bonar, the national sales manager for Hawke. Ross … from Milbro along with the shroud king himself, Andrew Hugget, pitched up. So much airgunning expertise in one place is very unusual in the States and these guys were very accessible and genuinely happy to get feedback directly from customers.

Besides the substantial cost shouldered by all of the sponsors, I don’t know if most of us realize how much work actually goes into this event. AoA had all of their employees working for days to prepare for the two day EBR. And the effort put in by the members of the Quail Creek Airgun Club was really quite impressive; as range masters, timers, score keepers (not to mention building the range), directing traffic, manning the BBQ and coffee wagon, they are a truly first class group of people. As a matter of fact the residents of the community embrace the event, and everywhere we went the locals were welcoming, friendly, and helpful (I got lost …. a lot).


Three time FT World champ Nick Jenkinson lining up during the 25 m Benchrest.


Preparing the targets before the match.

There were three events, 25M benchrest, Combat Silhouette, and Extreme (75 yd) benchrest, and lots of great shooters. You can check the results on the AoA site,  there will be plenty of information flowing on the events, and you can also see a video I generated speaking with some of the visitors, at the address below. I didn’t shoot competitively but shoot my event (combat silhouette) and had a blast! I will tell you, this was a great event and if you couldn’t make it this year… you’ll have to plan for next… well worth the trip. Especially for me, I got to meet a lot of the guys I’ve been communicating with on the blog, my website, and the forums.


The Venezuela team traveled far and shot well!


Steve Schinis (owner of the Yellow Forum, Nick, and I talking between rounds.

Of quick note, I have found a virtual warehouse of video data from hunts over the years that I’ll be posting on my YouTube channel and website. If you haven’t visited, please do and subscribe!

My YouTube Channel is:            
My Website is:                              


3 Responses to Extreme Bench Rest Follow Up!

  1. Scott Dellinger

    Jim, I can’t seem to find your email address. We spoke a the EBR. Come hunt pigeons with me sometime. Scott

    • Jim Chapman

      Hi Scott;
      It was great meeting you and having the chance to talk. EBR was a lot of fun, too bad I had to cut out early. I’ve got a couple of trips out to Phoenix between now and February, and would really like it if we could get out for a hunt. My email is

  2. Jonathan Buth

    Dear Jim,

    It sounded like a great time- and thanks for the write back earlier. I’m sure the Boss 303 did well there as it did on SA guineas:) My father get me the Mac 1 tuned .25 Marauder, Hawke 3-9, and Hill pump with plenty of JSB all ready to bring over to Tanzania. He read somewhere that TSA likes the PCP’s not only degassed but disassembled. I had him read your blog and it seemed besides having the right forms, no real problems with TSA. Do you know of anyone having to disassemble the tank portion to travel. My dad thought of leaving around 500 psi in there to deflate on site with the TSA inspector.
    Do you have any tips or information on the above. I really appreciate it, I’m baby steps away from my first PCP experience if all goes well!

    Thanks again, Jonathan

    PS Good to know your diff. caliber Marauders have all worked well on the ‘Blue hen’……

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