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Arizona Pest Control: Pigeons, Eurasian Doves and Starlings!

Posted by on December 14, 2013

I am writing this pretty well worn down from three days of nonstop pest control with my hunting buddy Scott in Arizona. Scott has several dairy farms lined up, and they want him to do one thing …. remove as many birds as possible.. They number in the thousands, and do huge financial damage to these businesses. It’s not the prettiest environment for hunting, but man is it a blast and you get lots of shooting. At one point I took 56 Eurasian Collard doves in an hour, you do the math, that is pretty much non stop action.

So what makes this better? When I arrived in Phoenix I stopped by AOA to pick up my new Daystate Wolverine type B .22 rifle and a load of pellets! Took a springer along for the run and will report on both of these guns in upcoming blog posts. In addition to the birds, we shot tons of high quality video and I’ll have some  good stuff posting on my YouTube channel in the coming days.

Scott was shooting his FX 500, and this guy is a bird shooting machine. He records his kills and gun details in a log book, and has taken over 6500 birds in the last two years…….. But even with these numbers I think it would take a couple hundred clones to make a major dent in these populations.


Scott and I with a quick one hour shoot on the Eurasian Collard doves. They are not native and can be taken in any number at any time, and can be easily differentiated from native dove species.


A composite photo showing me taking a dove off a shed roof with the new Daystate Wolverine Type B…….. I’m already in love with this rifle!


Scott lining up on a shot with his FX Royale 500. He is a crack shot and the hard hitting .25 caliber pellets flying out of his gun make a solid impact on these winged pest.


Flocks of birds are everywhere, with pigeons, Eurasian doves, mourning doves (which you can’t shoot), starlings, grackles, blackbirds all mixing and sometime absolutely huge flocks arrive.

What I’ll tell you about the Wolverine Type B right now is: very accurate, high power 30+fpe, trigger is a dream, stock is ergonomic, high shot count, one of the more exciting new rifles I’ve shot in a while. I have a Hawke 3-9X 40 scope, and it is a hot varminting set up. Having shot hundreds of birds in a concentrated period of time, I am really getting dialed in with the combo.

As I’ve mentioned, we’ve got some great footage so keep checking for release of the videos. And I’ll post a bit more later in the week. I need to go to sleep now, I fly out tomorrow at 3:00 pm and we’re going out for one last run early tomorrow before I have to run to the airport….. catch you all later in the week!





8 Responses to Arizona Pest Control: Pigeons, Eurasian Doves and Starlings!

  1. LLoyd Nielsen

    Very nice artical on the wolverine and yes Scott is a top notch shooter and guy. I have learned alot from him. I will be shooting with him in February. Keep up the great work Jim.

    • Jim Chapman

      I really like this rifle a lot, and the time shooting in Arizona with Scott was great. After my javalina hunt in February I might try to get out with him for a day or two. You guys have a great time. What gun are you going to use?

  2. LLoyd Nielsen

    The only air rifle I own is a rws 48 in .22. The gun is better than me but I always enjoy shooting. Thanks Jim for all the good reading material you post. LLoyd

  3. JIm

    I have a question… in order for me to shoot pest birds do i need a special license? Do i have to contract a pest control company if i have a bird inside a department store? In Arizona

    • Jim Chapman

      I believe your suppose to have your basic small game license to shoot pest species in Arizona, but for a resident that’s pretty inexpensive.

  4. Bunny

    This was fantastic to read, and I watched the accompanying video on youtube. I would be really interested in going along (even if it’s just to watch at first) on a ‘pest hunt’ at one of the local dairy farms here in Arizona. I’d love if your friend would be willing to get in touch with me. At the very least, perhaps some more information on what dairy farms encourage hunters to visit? Could you make that happen? Thank you.

    • Jim Chapman

      Here’s the thing, guys get permissions on these farms and are very protective of them. You see, farmers don’t like strangers running around their properties with guns (even air rifles), they have workers, livestock, equipment, that they don’t want put at risk or damaged. By limiting access, farmers know who is responsible and accountable for any damage and the workers know who is allowed access. The guys that have permissions don’t like to bring locals out, because these guest sometimes try to come back on their own, and have gotten some guys kicked off of long standing permissions. They’re more likely to bring an out of state hunter out than a local, for just this reason. One thing I can suggest is that Kip over at AOA is also an airgunning outfitter and does some guided shoots on farm permissions he has, and he might be able to set something up for you.

  5. Wyatt

    Wow that’s one nice rifle. Great shooting as well. We live in the city of Phoenix and have had lots of trouble with pigeons on our home. I’d love to just take them out but what we ended up doing was calling this pigeon control company to come out and get rid of them. They did a great job and cleaned up very well afterwards. Their methods are humane.

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