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Better Late ………

Posted by on January 6, 2014

Sorry I’m a day late with my post, I’ve been out hunting. I spent the last four days in Alabama filming a deer hunt….. and freezing! I packed my lighter weight stuff and spent two of the coldest days in a stand I’ve ever experienced, but had a great time shooting with some great folks. Ended up with a small buck at the tail end of the hunt after letting a few bigger ones walk. I was waiting on a bigger and older deer to show…… then the weather changed and everything shut down, and in the end I just wanted some venison in the freezer! I used a Sam Yang .457 with a 260 grain BHD bullet, and the footage will show up on one of the hunting programs next year.

The trip home is taking me right into this polar vortex and -45 degree cold that has descended across the north, then back to work for a couple of weeks before my next airgunning roadtrip to Nevada. I’m going to spend my indoor time working on my basement range/studio/workshop complex 🙂 , and I’ll spend some time shooting and recording some information on a few new guns including my new favorite the Daystate Wolverine Type B. I’ve got a shelf full of .22 pellets in a vast array of weights and configurations from several manufacturers to work up. I have to say that at the elite (and more expensive) end of the airgun spectrum, that rarified air where the best vie for market share, I am a solid Daystate supporter. I’ve been shooting and hunting with the Wolverine .303 and Huntsman Classic extensively and feel that besides being dead accurate, appropriately powerful, air efficient, ergonomic, etc etc, they are simply the nicest looking rifles in my gunrack! And while I normally prefer the looks of an air tube rather than a bottle under the barrel, the Wolverine Type B has all the attributes mentioned for its stablemates, and still looks great with the bottle up front. Would love to see a .30 version of this gun! BTW: if you get the British magazine Airgun Shooter, take a look this months (February…. I know, their release cadence is confusing) for an article I wrote in which I took the Wolverine .303 predator hunting in Texas. I’ll also have an article coming up in Airgun Hobbyist Magazine on the Wolverine Type B shakedown next month.

Also while down in Alabama, I took my friend Dammion Howards son Hunter out on a spring gun squirrel hunt one afternoon while on the mid day break from our stands, and had a good time with this appropriately named 12 y/o, after which he went out and arrowed his first archery deer. If you get the chance, take a kid out hunting and show them what the sport offers. I’ve done this with a couple of kids and their non hunting fathers from church, and it always feels good to bring more new enthusiasts into the sport. Down these same lines my oldest daughter has been home from college over the holidays and came down to the basement while I was sighting in a rifle, and said “can I have a try”? We ended up spending the evening shooting together, and when my youngest daughter (who’s never had any interest in shooting) saw her big sister having a blast, she had a go, did surprisingly well having never before shot a rifle, and stayed down shooting with us. My son who’s away at grad school and couldn’t make it home for the holidays used to go out hunting and shooting with me, but my girls not so much. That was another holiday gift for me!

I also wanted to mention the JSB .30 caliber pellets, both the .303 and .35, have really been impressing me. I’ve always liked their product line and use the .22 and .25 caliber pellets in many of my guns, and as with the smaller calibers the consistency in quality and weight results in outstanding accuracy in most of my guns …. as a matter of fact these are probably the most universally digested pellets across my gun collection. The terminal performance on game is outstanding as well; I’ve used them to take fox, bobcat, raccoon, guinea fowl, duiker, springbok, and pig and found that they penetrate well, seem to optimize the energy dump on game, and hold together. I’m starting to work through a number of my top pellet picks using several different shooting platforms and will be posting more on that in future

I’ll be posting on the SHOT Show, my upcoming javalina hunt in Arizona, and I’m trying to find time to get down to Texas for a predator hunt in the next few weeks, so hope to have some good material for you all soon. The last thing for this week is to thank the readers from this blog for the emails and comments on my website and YouTube channel, and to let you know there is some good stuff coming up. I have a network of airgun hunting friends across the country, that have been doing videos of their airgunning adventures, and I’ll start adding this footage in future….. so stayed tuned!




One Response to Better Late ………

  1. Jonathan Buth

    Hi Jim,

    You’d given me some good feedback on Marauders awhile back…..”they all shot well even your prototype #2 serial”:) Jim from Mac 1 probably didn’t hurt things either with his tune job……
    Anyway, dad mom and I headed off just before Christmas to the Selous area in Tanzania. We were big game hunting, but for me (after figuring out how to pump it up) the guinea fowl were of high order too! Driving into camp just after some rain produced 3 guineas. One being the crested type with the black crest top. On the first closer broadside, I squeezed off on the wing/chest and held my breath…….twang, ppffffp, flap flap flap flap (with a short run)- the .25 exact kings work! I know I’m late to the game, but what satisfaction. One shot had the pair of guineas already wadling down the dirt road and getting away at around 45 yards. I shot up the back of the bird, also with a quick kill after a few steps. I did lose one guinea as I tried to get the ‘male’ and let them get a bit far before I took the shot. I don’t have the drop down for 80-85 yards yet.
    Everything out to 50 yards though went down with authority and I know with a bit of practice out further those shots could be had. My mom would have taken one too, but I forgot the safety……oops. Anyway, with .22lr here running 1000 shillings/ 65 cents a pop I was very pleased to have the larger number of pellets, cheaper non gov’t regulated count – and still in a very humane ‘fowl getter’. The Tanzanian game scout was chuckling, and commented several times on how the ‘bunduki hewa’ was so quiet! My dad (loves things around 5-6000 foot lbs of energy) did appreciate also how an air rifle could be used during the big game hunt and not send quarry scattering………
    You had mentioned taking along the Boss and Wolverine to test on guinea fowl in SA. They must be close to perfect for extra knock down ability at longer ranges. Did you ever use the Wolverine on something like a Springbok or maybe that’s a little optimistic?

    Anyway Jim, thanks again for the ‘marauder assurance advice’ and great articles. I really enjoy reading them, and learning about what’s out there. I explain to my wife, that if she thinks I’m crazy for looking at all these air rifles- how about the guys who own them all!:)

    all the best,


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