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Arizonas First Airgun Javalina Hunt

Posted by on February 23, 2014

I am writing this weeks blog from my hotel room in Arizona, and what a week it has been. I flew into town last Wednesday and drove over to Airguns of Arizona to catch up with the Robert Buchanan and his team, look at the new guns that came in (really interested in the new Brocock) do a little shopping (one can never have too many pellets) and make a general nuisance of myself before loading up and heading for my hunting spot to meet up with Kip Perow, who is the resident hunting expert at AOA. Kip and his guiding partner Steve from Copper Country Outfitters, had been scouting the area, and we’re my host on this trip.

Lining up my shot, I'd wanted to stay inside 50 yards, but felt comfortable with the 85 yards offhand.

Lining up my shot, I’d wanted to stay inside 50 yards, but felt comfortable with the 85 yards offhand.

I’ve been wanting to hunt javalina with an airgun for years, the only problem was that none of the states in which these animals occurred allowed airguns to be used, until this year. Arizona in a single bit of legislature have made this state the destination spot for airgun hunters, providing opportunity to take mule deer, couse deer, pronghorn, javalina, mountain lion, and bear with big bore airguns….. the only place for most of these species as a matter of fact.

Opening day of the hunt found us up and in the field well before sunrise, driving deep into national forest land on a Ranger, before setting off on foot over the rugged and hilly terrain. We glassed the hills and washes looking for the little desert pigs, and finally found a small herd, which as we followed merged into a much larger herd. I dropped a good size javalina at 85 yard with an offhand broadside chest shot. The video and story will be communicated in various media, but suffice it to say here that the scouting sweat and tears that Kip and Steve put into setting up my hunt, made this possible. If you’re hunting in a new place and don’t have the ability to scout for yourself, getting a good guide is your best bet for success.

Kip and I looking over my trophy, This was the highlight of my hunting year!

Kip and I looking over my trophy, This was the highlight of my hunting year!

After day one, Robert and his father joined us for an excellent dinner at the San Carlos casino,  along with a lot of fun story telling and banter mixed in with lots of airgun talk. We left the next morning, but got a text from Kip with an attached picture of Robert with his Javalina.,,, Well done Robert!

Following the javalina hunt we returned to Phoenix, and I spent the day today with buddy Scott Dellinger shooting Eurasian collard doves and pigeons while testing out the terminal performance of several pellets. We had a large pile of these tasty pest birds after a few hours of shooting, and a great deal of fun to boot. Going out tomorrow morning before ending my hunting holiday and flying back to the frozen north country I now call home.

Other News

I am leaving for a conference in Vienna on the 5th then on to Edinburgh on the 10th of next month, and am trying to arrange my schedule to spend a couple days in Nuremburg Germany in between so that I can attend the IWA, which is the international version of the SHOT Show, but I find to be much more focused on airguns (since many of the finest airguns come from Europe).

Have some new products I will be testing out; airguns from Brocock, pellets from Predator International, and a few new calls. Well, this a quick post as I need to get up early for my hunt…… I’ll touch base later in the week and be back on track with more during the week.


4 Responses to Arizonas First Airgun Javalina Hunt

  1. Juergen

    Hi Jim,
    I really like Your writing and especially enjoy Your videos. In case You manage to attend the IWA and have some spare time while staying in Nürnberg I would happily invite You to a glass (or 2 or 3) of our good bavarian beer. Thereby I can say thank You for all the work and efforts You made for maintaining Your blog.
    Prost from Germany

    • Jim Chapman

      Hi Juergen,
      Thanks for the positive feedback, and I’d have enjoyed meeting you. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to IWA this year….. I was in Vienna and then had to fly to Edinburgh, but couldn’t arrange a stop in Nuremberg. I’ll have some more hunts, guns, and gear coming soon… thanks for reading and watching!

  2. Gene Crist


    You have an outstanding blog and I very much enjoy reading your articles. I recently got back into airgunning since my teenage years and I’m having visions of eventually going big game hunting with an airgun. The latest AZ regs state a 35 caliber or larger airgun is required for big game. I was wondering what rifle did you use to take your javalina?

    Thanks, Gene

    • Jim Chapman

      Hi Gene;
      thanks very much sir. The gun I used was an Evanix Rainstorm .357 shooting JSB 77 grain Match Exacts. It did a great job on that javalina at 75 yards. Arizona is the hot airgun hunting destination these days, I’d encourage you to give it a go!

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