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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Shooting Positions: Standing shots in the field

One of the requests I’ve gotten lately is to write a bit about the shooting techniques I employ when in the field hunting. I’m going to do so, but preface it with a disclaimer: I am not a target shooter, outside of a brief stint in the army national guard I haven’t had formal training, … Continue reading »

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Big Bore Airguns

The sport of airgun hunting has been growing at a rapid pace in recent years, and hunting larger game with big bore air rifles is a niche within the market that has seen a surge. There are more guns being offered in .30 to .50 caliber than at any time in the past. In my opinion … Continue reading »

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Catching Up!

Hello to all my blog’n friends, let me start off by apologizing for missing last weeks post, I was out of the country and traveling hard for a couple weeks. And even sorrier to say I had no shooting on this trip, which took me first to Vienna and then across the channel to Scotland. … Continue reading »

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Handgun Hunting with Airguns!

Handgun hunting has become a very popular sport over the last couple decades. As a rule, handguns are more difficult to shoot than rifles and as the range is shorter than with a rifle it puts much more emphasis on closing with your quarry, and many hunters have found themselves drawn to the challenge. I took up … Continue reading »

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