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Catching Up!

Posted by on March 16, 2014

Hello to all my blog’n friends, let me start off by apologizing for missing last weeks post, I was out of the country and traveling hard for a couple weeks. And even sorrier to say I had no shooting on this trip, which took me first to Vienna and then across the channel to Scotland. The IWA was underway in Nuremberg during the course of my travels (which is the European equivalent of SHOT Show), but hard as I tried was unable to shift my schedule around to drop by the exhibit.

One cool thing related to my hunting/airgunning however, was that while in Vienna I stayed at a very nice hotel in the cities center, which is the location of high end shops for clothing, jewelry, and all of the accruements of wealth from all the “right” designers. And there right in the middle of it was a fantastic hunting shop that targeted a different hunting world than we’re used to in the states. Fine double rifles and shotguns at prices that ranged from what you might expect to pay for a new car on up to a small house, were lined up on the racks. And in the midst of all of this, was a rack of German spring piston airguns, though the clerk told me he could order a PCP for me, but they didn’t stock them in the shop.


Getting ready to start filming a round table session!

The sound-man is getting me mic'd up. It's great working with a very professional production crew.

The sound-man is getting me mic’d up. It’s great working with a very professional production crew.

The did have some great ancillary gear, and I laid down a chunk of change for a new Eberlestock daypack with an integrated scabbard, which will allow me to carry everything, including my gun, on my back when hunting. This is especially important to me, because I often have to hit the field with guns that have not been equipped with sling swivels. A manufacturer will often supply me with a new gun on loan for evaluating; many of these guns do not offer sling mounts as a standard, and since I am expected to return the gun in the same condition I received it in, can’t drill and mount my own. Consequently I find myself hiking up and down hills and through the woods clutching the rifle in my hands. I’ve come up with a couple of different mounting options, but think this pack is the slickest system yet. Besides the scabbard, it has a built in small game carrier, a hydration system, and plenty of gear packets. I’m on the road again, sitting on a plane as I write this, but will get some photos of the pack posted when I get back home in a couple days.

This trip does have something to do with airguns, I’ve mentioned in the past that I’ll be hosting the hunting segments on the “American Airgunner” this season (the program will air on the Sportsman Channel and the Pursuit network) and have several hunts in the can; several African hunts, deer in Alabama, javalina in Arizona, predators in Texas. This week I’m heading into the studio to tape the round table sessions with our group of usual suspects out of the airgunning world along with a couple new faces. I’ve got several hunting topics we’ll be discussing, and am excited about the 2014 season.

I’ll be getting ready for the prairie dogs to come out, and am really looking to get a couple of my new guns out for this long range shooting. I will be using the Daystate Huntsman and Wolverine Type B on a couple of upcoming shoots, and am particularly looking forward to getting the high shot count type B on a Pdawg town! I’ve been very impressed with the accuracy and the gun likes the heavier JSB pellets, which is a plus in the often breezy conditions we encounter. I am going to try for a prairie dogs in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, South and North Dakota, Arizona, and anywhere else they occur this year. I have a personal best of six states in one season, but we’ll see if I can do more.

If you have any topics you’d like me to take a look at, or any specific gun, scope, pellet, or other gear to evaluate, let me know. I’ll be coming at you with some exciting hunts and gear reviews, introducing you to some of my hunting buddies, and passing along some tips on where to go, so keep in touch!

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